Perkin Elmer Cetus PCR Thermal Cycler

Perkin Elmer Cetus PCR Thermal Cycler
Product Specifications
BRAND  Perkin Elmer
MODEL  Cetus PCR Thermal Cycler
Thermal Cycler  Perkin Elmer  Cetus with standard (non heated) lid
Block Capacity           48 holes
Sample Tube size        0.5ml
Block Temperature Range      0 to 99C
Block Temperature Accuracy Within 3 degrees of programmed temperatures between 4 to 32C, and within 1 degree of programmed temperatures between 33to 99C
Printer interface          RS-232C serial port,
Software         Includes four default files, including preprogrammed Soak, Time Delay, Thermo-Cycle, and Step-Cycle files.
Two demonstration files.
Available memory for up to 93 user files.
Up to 16 temperatures per repeat pattern.
Up to 99 cycles per repeat pattern.
Automatic segment extension.
Infinite post-PCR subambient incubation.
Control Panel  The instrument control panel consists of the display, keypad , and indicator lights
Dimensions     12”H x 13”W x 19.25”D Weight       65lbs

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