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Panasonic MDF-DU702VH-PA VIP ECO Series Laboratory Freezer

Panasonic MDF-DU702VH-PA VIP ECO Series Laboratory Freezer
Product Specifications
BRAND  Panasonic
FORM Upright
Panasonic Healthcare's VIP® Series ultra-low temperature upright freezers are designed for safe, reliable storage of the most critical biologicals.
  • Reliable
  • Maximum storage
  • Minimal footprint
  • VIP Plus insulation composite
  • Uniform preservation
  • Microprocessor controls and alarms
  • Five-year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty

Energy efficiency in VIP Series freezers is achieved through balanced temperature performance and power management

The advanced combination of cabinet design, electronics, refrigeration and critical components are engineered for enhanced security, performance and reliability. The VIP ECO ultra-low temperature freezer operates on natural refrigerants.

The robust refrigeration system is powered by Panasonic Healthcare engineered compressors. The system provides dependable cooling by balancing temperature performance and energy management. Reserve refrigeration power assures exceptional temperature recovery following door openings. VIP freezers have demonstrated >99% reliability with excellent performance history.

Inside-out engineering starts with a patented VIP Plus insulation composite which results in an efficient, thin-wall cabinet. Insulated inner doors improve temperature uniformity, minimize cold air loss during door openings and extend warm-up times during power outages. VIP Plus insulation composite maximizes space efficiency and holds up to 576 2" boxes or 384 3" boxes within a 9.48 ft2 (0.88 m2) footprint.

Integrated microprocessorbased controller and LED display include comprehensive setpoint, alarms, monitoring, diagnostic and communication features. This space saving cabinet design offers a reduced wall thickness for maximum interior volume. Ideal for storage of DNA, RNA and other biological samples. The stainless steel framed, insulated inner doors with gasket seal firmly against the cabinet to help minimize change in interior temperatures during routine door openings. Inner door latches feature an ergonomic design for one-handed operation.

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