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New Brunswick G76D Water Bath Shaker

New Brunswick G76D Water Bath Shaker
Product Specifications
BRAND  New Brunswick Scientific
Model G76D integrates an electronically controlled water bath with a continuous duty Gyrotory shaker. This bench apparatus has a triple-eccentric-drive transmission to provide smooth, uniform agitation. It meets a variety of applications in metabolic incubation, requiring long-term operation and reproducible conditions of agitation and temperature. 

  • Speed Set-point 30 to 400 RPM 1 RPM over and control entire range by means of a Microprocessor Controller.
  • Motion 1/2" (13mm) circular orbit.
  • Indication Digital display in 1 RPM increments.
  • Range 5 above ambient to 99.9C.
  • Range (w/ coolant) 5 above coolant temperature cooling coil accessory.
  • Control Stability 0.1C by means of PI Microprocessor Controller and
  • (Band Width) Pulse-Width Modulation of heater.
  • Safety Adjustable deadband. Overrides main control in event temperature exceeds high limit. Such condition indicated by status light. Uniformity 0.25C over entire range.
  • Indication Digital display in 0.1C increments.
  • Recorder Output 4-20mA output is provided for operation of accessory recorder.
  • Controller Pt Resistance Temperature Detector with a Microprocessor Proportional-Integral Controller.
  • Drive Patented, counterbalance, triple eccentric assembly with a set of 2 counterweights. 

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