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MJ Research PTC-100 Thermal Cycler

MJ Research PTC-100 Thermal Cycler
Product Specifications
BRAND  MJ Research
This MJ Research PTC-100, "The DNA Engine" will meet and exceed your needs for a versatile, easy-to-use, reliable and compact programmable thermal cycler.
Instrument Features:
  • 96 well Sample block
  • Hot Bonnet heated lid
  • Intuitive software for programming, editing, file management, and password protection
  • Space-saving design for easy setup and transportation
  • Instant Incubate feature for continuous-temperature incubations
  • 14 customizable factory-installed protocols
Instrument specifications:
  • Thermal range: 0°C to 100°C, but no more than 30°C below ambient
  • Accuracy: 4°C of programmed target @ 60°C
  • Ramping speed: Up to 1°C/sec
  • Line Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC rms (no adjustment needed among voltages within these ranges)
  • Power: 850 W maximum
  • Displays: One 20 x 4 LCD alphanumeric display
  • Ports: For printer/remote usage/interface bus
  • Memory: 360 programs in up to 12 individual folders
  • Weight: estimated 7.6 Kg
  • Size (cm): 24 x 35 x 17
  • Serial Number 22124

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