Minuteman Port A Scrub

Minuteman Port A Scrub
The counter-rotating cylindrical brushes of the Port A Scrub loosen and break apart stubborn, ground-in soils. The counter-rotating action ensures that cleaning chemical and water is delivered deep into carpet fibers, grout lines, grooves, and any other uneven parts of the floor. The brushes also pick up the dirty water, leaving floors virtually dry -- a terrific feature for high-traffic areas that don't have the luxury of shutting down for cleaning, such as busy airports, casinos, and health clinics.
With a 12-inch cleaning path and low-profile design, the Port A Scrub is great for cleaning both large areas and congested/cramped spaces. It easily fits under shelves, tables, and chairs—the kinds of places other machines can't reach.
At only 69 dB, the Port A Scrub is exceptionally quiet. No louder than most conventional vacuum cleaners, you can use the Port A Scrub in occupied areas without fear of disturbing building occupants.
The Port A Scrub is very easy to operate. Simply lower the handle to turn on the machine -- no confusing hand controls, switches, or buttons. The counter-rotating action of the brushes allows the machine to glide almost effortlessly back and forth across the floor. You can easily change direction with just one hand.
The Port A Scrub has four height settings to accommodate different brush wear and height. The brushes require no tools to remove and change, which minimizes downtime. There are three optional brush choices and a side brush (for cleaning baseboards and along walls and steps) for various hard and soft surface cleaning. Brushes are sold separately.
A one-gallon clean water tank is conveniently located on the handle and can be easily removed for quick filling.

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