Leica Viva TS12 + CS20 Total Station & Data Collector Kit | Rent, Finance, or Buy

Leica TS12P R500 Robotic Total Station with CS20 Field Controller and Captivate

Leica TS12P R500 Robotic Total Station with CS20 Field Controller and Captivate
Product Specifications
BRAND  Leica
MODEL  Viva TS12 + CS20
The Leica TS12P is equipped by default with the proven and tested SmartWorx - a complete on-board package of standard application software. 

Leica TS12P uses years of experience to optimally find, lock and measure to prisms with a single key press. With the unique PowerSearch sensor any prism type is found within seconds regardless of location.

Your benefit – the fastest robotic total station in its class.

Leica Viva TPS precision angle measurement system operates continuously providing instant horizontal and vertical circle readings that are automatically corrected for any “out of level” by a centrally located twin-axis compensator. The coaxial EDM uses an infrared laser, has various measuring modes, and measures to prisms and reflective tape.The range is excellent – 3.5 km to a single prism – and the accuracy superb – 1 mm + 1.5 ppm. Resolution is 0.1 mm.
  • Fast, continuous, high-accuracy angle measurements
  • Choice of accuracy from 2, 3 and 7 seconds
  • No initialization
  • Twin-axis compensator
  • EDM with standard, fast and tracking modes
  • Long range, fast measurements and high accuracy
  • Totally reliable

PinPoint is the ideal tool for measuring to wall corners, inaccessible objects, facades, rock faces, roofs and walls inside buildings, in fact to anything at which it is difficult to set up a reflector. 
PinPoint’s tightly bundled laser marks the point exactly with a small red dot. Measurements are taken instantly and directly (no complex routines measurement). 
And with PinPoint you can also take very long distance measurements to prisms.
  • All Leica Viva TPS
  • Two versions: standard range R400 (more than 400m), superior range R1000 (more than 1000m)
  • Very small laser spot,marks the point exactly
  • Standard measurement and tracking modes
  • Accuracy as high as 2 mm depending on measuring mode,range and target surface
PowerSearch finds reflectors within seconds no matter where they are. With PowerSearch activated, Leica Viva TPS rotates and sends out a vertical laser fan. As soon as the fan strikes a prism Leica Viva TPS stops rotating, ATR takes over and fine points – all fully automatically. 
Use PowerSearch for the first ATR measurement or to find the reflector again if Automatic Target Tracking loses lock.
PowerSearch is particularly advantageous when operating with remote control.
  • Optional for Leica Viva TPS equipped with ATR
  • Activated at the touch of a key or automatically, if configured
  • Finds standard prisms (no need for active target)
  • Saves time, increases productivity
  • Highly recommended for fast, efficient one-man remote control

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