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Jeio Tech Stackable ISS Incubated Shaker Floor Model + 10°C 400 RPM Without Stacking kit

Jeio Tech Stackable ISS Incubated Shaker Floor Model + 10°C 400 RPM Without Stacking kit
Product Specifications
BRAND  Jeio Tech
MODEL  ISS-7100/7100R/7200/7200R
Stackable up to three units for maximum utilization of lab spaces (with optional accessories).
Models: ISS-7100/7100R/7200/7200R
  • Large shaking capacity chamber allows user to freely organize different sizes of samples. 
    • 198L chamber can accommodate six of 4L flasks and also thirty nine of 250ml flasks. 
  • Maximize your space with our triple stackable incubated shaker. 
    • Maximize limited space. Have three units in the floor space of one without sacrificing high rpm.
  • Lift up door and slide out platform enable easy sample handling. 
  • Optional stand is available and highly recommended for setting your incubator shaker at your height for comfort (optional)
  • Temperature range:
    • Ambient +10°C to 80°C for ISS-7100 / 7200.
    • Ambient -20°C (Min. 4) to 80°C for ISS-7100R / 7200R.
  • Competitive high shaking speed up to 400 rpm. (Stackable up to 250rpm)
    • From 30 to 400 rpm (stackable : 30 to 250) for ISS-7100(R)
    • From 30 to 300 rpm (stackable : 30 to 200) for ISS-7200(R)
  • Orbital shaking motion in 19.1mm diameter.
    • 25.4 mm for ISS-7100(R)
    • 50.8 mm for ISS-7200(R)
  • Microprocessor PID control.
  • Three point temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
  • Wide speed range even with heavy workload.
    • Ideal DD(Direct Drive) brushless motor and triple cam system support heavy load, quiet, maintenance free operation and deliver high torque at high speeds and smooth rotation.
  • Best effort run function intelligently manages its rpm to keep shaking even if workload is out of its capacity due to unbalanced load placement, unstable floor or external shock.
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration control.
  • High-velocity fan ensures uniform temperature distribution and rapid thermal recovery after door open.
  • Air-tight silicone door seal to provide excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Intuitive touch screen LCD controller with easy icons and logical menus.
  • Easy-set digital timer for shaking operation. (1 min. to 999 hr. 59 min.)
  • Wide sample monitoring through transparent viewing window with bright LED lamps.
  • Repetitive tasks can be easily performed as the platform stops where it starts, highly beneficial for automated dosing or sampling process.
  • Two provided adjustable-height shelves allow static incubation or refrigeration.
  • Built-in electrical outlet with a safety cover inside the chamber.
  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel interior.
  • Easy-access drain system with a quick disconnect valve offers great convenience to clean up of spills.
  • Built-in RS-232 port and USB port for external control and data collection.
  • The unit comes with retractable foot caster, beneficial for easy mobility during installation or relocation.
  • Automatic run after power interruption.
  • Temperature and shaking speed deviation alarm.
  • Over-current protection, Stalled platform check.
  • Triple independent temperature monitor system.
    • Temperature deviation alarm (High/Low)
    • Electronic temperature limiter (High/Low)
    • Mechanical over-temperature limiter (High)
  • Environment-friendly CFC-free refrigerant. (for ISS-7100R / 7200R)

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