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Jackson RackStar 66 Commercial Dishwasher

Jackson RackStar 66 Commercial Dishwasher
Product Specifications
BRAND  Jackson
MODEL  RackStar 66
The Jackson RackStar 66 high temperature left to right conveyor dish machine can clean up to 223 racks per hour! Since each rack requires only 0.35 gallons of water, this machine helps to efficiently reduce your water bill, saving you money for other expenses around the kitchen. With the exclusive "Energy Guard" system, the machine only operates when a rack is being washed or rinsed, again saving water and energy.

This dishwasher also features an energy recovery system to make the best use of the energy you put into the unit. It utilizes exhaust heat and steam that is then repurposed to preheat the incoming cold water. By preheating the incoming water, it makes sure that it is warm before it reaches the booster heater so that less energy is then required to heat it to proper temperatures.

Featuring 19 3/4" of clearance, this dish machine accommodates large sheet pans, mixing bowls, and other food preparation and serving supplies. Once in the machine, dishes encounter the unit's 22" pre-wash section that's outfitted with a total of 4 pre-wash arms, 3 upper and 1 lower. In the wash section, the dishes are then processed by the self-cleaning wash arms, which provide superior wash action. The subsequent "Rainbow Rinse" boasts an arched rinse arm to guarantee consistent, thorough rinsing. A self-draining stainless steel wash pump delivers maximum performance, eliminating wash water, while you use the exhaust vent fan control to manipulate the fan to best suit your facility's needs.

Fully automated, the unit is framed with sleek, durable stainless steel with splash shields, adjustable vent cowl collars, and stainless steel legs and strainer pans. It also features an efficient 27kW booster heater and double-wall insulated doors that help to trap heat inside the unit and keep the surrounding area cool and comfortable. This particular unit operates from left to right and uses an electric heat tank. It requires a 208V, 1 phase electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 86"
Depth: 30"
Height: 80 1/2"
  • Cleans up to 223 racks per hour using 0.35 gallons of water per rack
  • Energy recovery exhaust system captures steam to preheat incoming water
  • Generous 19 3/4" clearance and 22" pre-wash section
  • Pre-wash features 3 upper and 1 lower pre-wash arms
  • Wash arms are self-cleaning; Dual Rainbow Rinse features arched rinse arm
  • Automatic operation with auto-fill and digital LED control panel
  • Left to right operation
  • 208V, 1 phase

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