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GE Healthcare 7600 Compact C-Arm

Product Specifications
BRAND  GE Healthcare
MODEL  7600
APPLICATION Pain Management
The GE Healthcare 7600 compact c-arm is built to maximize the imaging device for the outpatient, inpatient, operating room, and emergency departments due to its various capabilities and mobility. In hand surgery, it automatically limits the x-ray field to correct size as well as protect the personnel from unnecessary scatters. For chest and thorax operation, it minimizes the motion lag in the applications such as pacemaker implants and bronchoscopy. 
  • Features include compact single component design, image annotation keyboard, 9 or 6 in. image intensifier, high-resolution CCD camera, 12 or 17 in. viewing monitor, motorized image rotation, rapid hardcopy, one-button operation, requires less storage space, USB digital capture, motion artifact reduction, and digital subtraction. Three different low doses are pulse fluoro mode, pediatric mode, and snapshot mode.
  • Suitable to be used to manipulate fractures, locate foreign bodies, guide interventions, guide catheter placements, monitor lysis therapy, perform simple contrast studies, guide needle placement, identify fractures and guide catheter insertions. It facilitates gastrointestinal procedures such as barium studies and colonoscopies.
  • Compact single component design (no monitor cart)
  • Image annotation keyboard
  • 9″/6″ Image intensifier
  • High Resolution CCD camera
  • Low Dose
    • pulsed flouro mode
    • pediatric mode
    • snap shot mode
  • 12″ or 17″ viewing monitor
  • Motorized image rotation
  • Rapid hardcopy (thermal printer)
  • Simple “one button” operation
  • Requires minimal storage space

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