Fluke 376/337 TRMS 1000 Amp AC/DC Current Clamp Meter | Rent, Finance, or Buy

Fluke 376/337 TRMS 1000 Amp AC/DC Current Clamp Meter

Fluke 376/337 TRMS 1000 Amp AC/DC Current Clamp Meter
Product Specifications
Fluke 376 AC/DC Clamp Meter with backlight (TRMS, 1000AAC/DC, 1000VAC, Continuity, Frequency, MIN/MAX, mV DC) and up to 2500A AC with the included 18" iFlex flexible current probe.
  • 999.9 A ac and dc current measurement with fixed jaw
  • 2500 A ac current measurement with iFlex™ flexible current probe (sold separately)
  • 1000 V ac and dc voltage measurement
  • True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
  • Frequency measurement to 500 Hz with both jaw and iFlex™
  • Resistance measurement to 60 kΩ with continuity detection
  • Min, max, average and inrush recording to capture variations automatically
  • 500 mV dc measurement range to interface with other accessories
  • 1000 &mini;F capacitance measurement

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