Ermator T7500 Three-Phase Dust Extractor with Distribution Box

Ermator T7500 Three-Phase Dust Extractor with Distribution Box
BRAND  Ermator
This dust extractor features a powerful turbine motor that delivers up to 343 CFM. Thanks to twin mufflers and integrally cast heat sinks, this model is exceptionally quiet.

The T7500 has Teflon-coated pre-filter socks with support rod (15 socks, totaling 25 sq ft of surface area), to provide superior filtration and maintain maximum airflow.
In addition, the sealed cyclonic chamber separates and removes larger dust particles from the airstream before the air enters the pre-filter socks. This prevents premature filter loading.
This model also has two oversized individually tested and certified HEPA filters that provide a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns to ensure clean air exhaust for a dust-free work environment.
Jet Pulse technology, standard on all Ermator dust extractors, allows for efficient, safe filter cleaning without exposing the operator to dust. A 3-inch inlet with integrally mounted gate valve allows for easy temporary airflow shut-off to clean the filters and prevents leakage of dust during transport.
The T7500 includes a 70’ Longopac bagging system for fast, drop-down, dust-free disposal into as many as 25 individually sealed plastic bags. The steel frame of the T7500 also includes a Longopac platform, which supports the weight of filled bags and makes it easy to slide them onto a wood pallet.
The T7500 rolls around the job site with ease thanks to is pneumatic tires and 4-inch casters with brakes. This unit is stable, balanced, and highly maneuverable.

  • With Distribution Box
  • 230V, 24.2 amps
  • Two individually tested HEPA filters rated at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns
  • Jet Pulse filter cleaning system
  • Drop-down dustless disposal into Longopac bags


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