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Emerson In-Exsufflator Airway Clearance Cough Machine

Product Specifications
BRAND  Emerson
MODEL  In-Exsufflator
The Emerson In-Exsufflator Cough Machine, for removal of bronchial secretions from the respiratory tract, features a new design that automatically cycles from inspiratory to expiratory phase, gradually applying positive pressure then rapidly shifteing to negative pressure, simulating a cough. Emerson states this clinically tested technique is more effective than postural drainage, chest percussion, or tracheal suctioning in removing bronchial mucous plugs, is more convenient than the manually assisted cough, and reduces the risk of pulmonary complications due to retained secretions. The device uses a mask, and is particulary important for patients on non-invasive ventilation, since suctioning is difficult without a trach tube.

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