Product Specifications
This lightweight machine to easily manipulate 175-250 square feet of concrete with the EDCO Electric Single-Phase Walk-Behind Concrete Floor Scarifier. The cutting wheels rotate to break up the concrete. The 6-shaft cutting drum will beat at the existing, old surface so a clean, textured or rough finish is left so new concrete can be laid down. This electric 1.5 horsepower cutter will clean, grind, and light or heavy milling.

Scarifiers are also known as planers, milling machines, rotary cutters or simply surface-preparation machines. This machine removes paint, urethane, thin-set and coatings. It is ideal for etching and prepping the surface for new coatings.

If depth control is an issue a scarifier is a better option than scabbler. The EDCO scarifier allows for a for a more accurate cut. This 4" rotary cutter will grind up to 1/32" deep and and 8" working width.

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