DRE Transport 5000 Plus Portable Anesthesia Machine

Product Specifications
MODEL  Transport 5000
SIZE Office-Based
The DRE Transport 5000 Plus veterinary anesthesia machine is a compact, portable, and easy to use tool designed to save time during animal hospital rescues, field research, house calls, and office-based surgeries.
  • Features include integrated safety functions, storage make the machine ideal for traveling vets, O2 pipeline gas, gas scale flowmeter.
  • It is mostly used in surgery centers and small facilities where less space is available.
  • Specifications include 280 to 600 kPa pipeline inlet pressure, 280 to 300 kPa output pressure of regulator, 280kPa to 300kPa output pressure of regulator, greater than 600 kPa security valve discharge pressure, 280kPa to 600kPa pressure of pipeline inlet, 1000 mL absorbent, maximum flow rate up to 60 L/min and equal to or greater than 4mL/kPa system compliance. The system can leak when the pressure goes lower than 3 kPa.
  • Available in 520 x 490 x 290 size. Equipped with gas vaporizers, ventilator, flowmeter, and respiration system.
  • Height: 520 mm (20.47 inches)
  • Weight: 20 kg (45 lbs.)
  • Width: 490 mm (19.29 inches)
  • Depth: 290 mm (11.41 inches)
  • Pipeline gas: O2
  • Output pressure of regulator: 280kPa-300kP
  • Security valve discharge pressure: ≤600 kPa
  • Pressure of pipeline inlet: 280kPa-600kPa
  • Absorbent: 1000mL
  • System leakage: When pressure is lower than 3kPa, ≤125mL/min
  • System compliance: ≤4mL/kPa
  • APL valve ~0.19-6 kPa
  • Resistance of ventilator system:
    • Flow-rate: 30L/min <0.16kPa
    • Flow-rate: 60L/ min <0.52kPa

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