DRE Titan XL Large Animal Anesthesia Machine

Product Specifications
The DRE Titan XL large animal anesthesia machine is a complete anesthesia support system which is produced for everything you need for large animal anesthesia and used for spontaneous breathing. The dependable DRE Titan also features a vapor exclusion system, which protects vaporizers from the potentially harmful delivery agent. Tidal volume can be adjusted from five to 15 liters during procedures.

  • Features include frequency control variable from zero to ninety-nine breaths per minute in one BPM increments, inspiratory flow controlled through operator adjustable regulator, touch control tidal volume adjustment, and vapor exclusion system which protects from both vaporizers delivering agent. The user may utilize the popular Drager AVE ventilator which is an electronically controlled, time cycled, pneumatically-driven anesthesia ventilator capable of delivering from one-half (1/2) to 15 liters of tidal volume at 1 to 99 breaths per minute and I to E ratios from 1 to 2 and 1 to 4.5.
  • Optional features include foal absorber, extended inspiratory and expiratory ratios, and large animal sized endotracheal tubes. The Titan XL also consists of a 0-10 liter per minute O2 flowmeter, CO2 absorber, bellows, refurbished Drager ventilator, 2 circuits, time cycled and electronically controlled ventilator.
  • Suitable for use with equine, bovine, zoology, and a variety of animal techniques.
  • ELECTRICAL: 110V/220-240V
  • ON/OFF Switch: Provides AC power to AVE vent
  • Tidal Volume: motor driven adjustable tidal volume through the use of as momentary rocker switch 5-15 liters of tidal volume available
  • Ventilator: Time-cycled, electrically controlled, pneumatic powered
  • Frequency Control: variable from zero to ninety-nine breaths per minute in one BPM increments
  • Inspiratory/Expiration: I:E ratio available 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3, 1:3.5, 1:4, 1:4.5
  • Inspiratory Flow: controlled through operator adjustable regulator
  • Circuit Pressure Gauge: -20cm/H2) to 80 cm/H2) range
  • APL Valve: adjustable pressure limit valve allows control from completely closed to fully open
  • Insp./Exp. Ports: inspiratory and expiratory flow controlled through visible check valves

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