DRE Integra SP II Anesthesia Machine

Product Specifications
The DRE Integra SP II veterinary anesthesia machine is a smart alternative machine which is designed to meet all your anesthesia requirements by using more than one type of anesthetic agent. It offers low ownership cost over a ten-year life cycle with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and requires only two preventive maintenances each year, as opposed to the standard four per year of other models and also provide an optional service training program.
  • Features include left or right-handed layout, contemporary ergonomic design, and MRI-compatible. This equipment has a three-gas machine (O2, N2O, Air), recessing absorber and ventilator, Selectatec compatible vaporizer mounting system, two vaporizers, and CO2 absorber slides under the work shelf. It has a larger working area with a writing table and footrest.
  • Suitable for larger veterinary surgeries and other medical applications. It is designed for low flow anesthesia with a mechanical anti-hypoxic device and Air/N2O interlock that increases patient safety.
  • Specifications include Height of 54 in (137 cm), Width of 26 in (66 cm), Depth of 26 in (66 cm), Weight of 200 lbs (75 kg), Power Requirements of 110/220 VAC, Auxiliary Electric Outlets of (4) 13 Amp, Top Shelf of 24 × 16 inches (61 × 40 cm), Work Surface of 24 × 14.5 in (61 × 37 cm), Drawers of 6 × 15 × 17 inches (15 × 38 × 43 cm) and Writing Tablet of A4 size
  • Height: 54 in (137 cm)
  • Width: 26 in (66 cm)
  • Depth: 26 in (66 cm)
  • Weight: 200 lbs (75 kg)
  • Power Requirements: 110/220 VAC
  • Auxiliary Electric Outlets: (4) 13 Amp
  • Top Shelf: 24 × 16 inches (61 × 40 cm)
  • Work Surface: 24 × 14.5 in (61 × 37 cm)
  • Drawers: 6 × 15 × 17 inches (15 × 38 × 43 cm)
  • Writing Tablet: A4 size

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