DRE Alta V8 Anesthesia Machine

Product Specifications
The DRE Alta V8 anesthesia machine has a simple and intuitive user interface with advanced ventilation modes. Ventilation modes include VCV, PCV, PSV, SIM-VC, SIM-PC, spontaneous, and manual and consists of a pneumatic system with hypoxic guard system, ORC and O2 flush.

  • Features include built-in active expiratory PEEP valve, the selectatec-compatible back bar holds one or two vaporizers, built-in battery, 8 in. the color TFT LCD screen, autoclavable, easy assemble absorber system with heating function or bypass design and three gas machines such as O2, N2O, and air with six tube flowmeter. Measure the frequency, rate spont, I:E, O2 percentage, compliance and resistance. Also, measures the flow value such as Vti, Vte, MV, MV spont, the pressure values like Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, PEEP and the waveforms include Paw, flow, and volume.
  • Used in pediatric and adult care environments.
  • Specifications include with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, fixed brightness, supports clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation or pressing operation knobs, speakers, and 4 buttons. Operating temperature ranging from 50 to 104 degrees F and 5 to 95% humidity.
  • Equipped with a display and alarms that do have the activation of standby mode, mains failure, battery, gas supply failure, apnea, and EtCO2.
  • Resolution of 640 x 480 pixels
  • Fixed brightness
  • Supports clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation or pressing operation knobs
  • Speakers
  • Operating temperature ranging from 50 to 104 degrees F and 5 to 95% humidity
  • Machine size: 55 in H x 27 in W x 25 in D
  • Machine weight: Approximately 242.5 lb
  • Maximum bearing weight of the top cover: 66 lb
  • Castors: 4, diameter 4.9 in
  • Drawer 1: 7.8 in H x 15.4 in W x 15.6 in D
  • Drawer 2: 7.8 in H x 15.4 in W x 15.6 in D

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