Chemiclave 5000 Autoclave, MDT Harvey

Chemiclave 5000 Autoclave, MDT Harvey
BRAND  Chemiclave
MODEL  5000
Autoclave, MDT Harvey, Chemiclave, Model 5000
MDT Harvey Chemiclave 5000 (Reconditioned) autoclave bench top laboratory autoclave / steam sterilizer, 6" x 12" tray, stainless construction, pressure gauge, 20 minute timer. This unique instrument constitutes the most complete and efficient system of sterilization available, suitable for Cutting and surgical instruments, hand pieces, forceps and similar items, ideal for dentistry or Tattoo / Piercing, There is no drying cycle required after the sterilization cycle. Packs and instruments come out dry.
Uses V-Cide Solution - Chemical Vapor Sterilant, approved for use in Harvey Chemiclave Sterilizer.  

  • Chamber 6" dia x 12" deep
  • Outer 13" W x 10 1/2" H x 19 1/2" D

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