Bear 33 Portable Volume Ventilator

Bear 33 Portable Volume Ventilator
The Bear 33 Volume Ventilator is a portable device for use with adults and limited pediatric patients, with three modes of operation: control, assist control, and SIMV. The Bear 33 can be used in conjunction with a humidifier if necessary and can use the same disposable circuits. When using with a humidifier, the manufacturer recommends using the optional table mount humidifier bracket (#51000-08124) which allows the humidifier to be securely mounted next to the ventilator. Like the Respironics and Aequitron ventilators, the Bear 33 can be operated by AC power, internal battery, or optional external battery.
  • Control:ventilator delivers gas at selected tidal volume, peak flow and rate settings. The patient is still able to draw spontaneous breaths through the piston bypass check valve.
  • Assist Control:a positive pressure breath is triggered when the patient’s spontaneous inspiratory effort drops below the pre-set assist sensitivity level; if the patient does not trigger the machine within the breath-to-breath time set by the rate control, the vent will automatically deliver a breath.
  • SIMV:(Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) allows the patient to breath spontaneously and to receive a fixed number of positive pressure breaths as set by the rate control. These breaths can be patient-initiated (assisted) or ventilator-initiated (controlled).

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