Analog Way PLS300 Pulse Dual Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher

Analog Way PLS300 Pulse Dual Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher
PLS300 at a glance: 
> Seamless transitions between ANY source 
> Dual Scaler 
> 1 Live PIP on a Live Background with numerous effects 
> 10 inputs and power in a single rack unit 
> Versatile for any kind of Live Application or High-End Installation 

10 Inputs 
• 2 DVI Inputs 
• 6 Universal Analog Inputs 
• 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI
• SDTV, EDTV, HDTV and Computer formats up to 2K 
• Full digital In/Out Processing 

• 2 Analog and Digital Outputs: Main & Preview 
• Computer Formats up to 2K 

Operation Modes & Effects 
• 1 Operation Mode: Mixer 
• Live Background and 1 Live PIP: Fully resizable 
• 6 Frames, 6 Logo Memories 
• PIP: Pan & Zoom resizing up to 1000% 
• PIP Open/Close Animation 
• Transitions: Fade (Dissolve), Cut, Clean Cut, Wipe, Slide 
• PIP Border (Edge: 1 Color, 1 Width, 1 Height) 
• Smooth Move effect 
• Chroma/Luma Key/DSK Title 
• DSK on Analog & Digital Inputs

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