20 Foot Double Room Shipping Container Clinic with Solar Power and Primary Care Medical Exam Room Equipment

20 Foot Double Room Shipping Container Clinic with Solar Power and Primary Care Medical Exam Room Equipment
20 foot Solar Powered Split Double Exam Room Clinic Key Features:

The 20 foot Split Clinic In A Can has two exam rooms in one single container.   The clinic is constructed and finished using the exact same material  as all of our clinics offerings, which is our standard.   The Split clinic has two separate exam spaces that are individually accessed and climate controlled.   Each room comes with a keyed-lockable floor and wall medical storage cabinetry, a dressing nook for patient privacy when changing into a patient gown for examination,18 inch deep counter-top work space with integrated stainless steel sink and functioning bug screened window.   This unit can be telemedicine ready with integrated Cat5, COAX & Telephone ports which can be easily be connected to a hardwired or satellite provider.   If required, we can add at an additional cost negative pressure ventilation fans to each room.

When mother nature unleashes her fury and leaves death and destruction in her wake, the 20 foot All-In-One solar or diesel powered unit is the ideal solution. Totally self-contained and pre-equipped, it can be installed anywhere in the U.S. within a short lead time. As the unit can be set directly on ground, the access to the internal medical space is unsurpassed. This benefits both the patient and medical providers reducing the potential for liability as patients are being transported for stabilization and treatment. Whether it be one unit or multiple, we can create the right solution for your need.   There is also the option of adding fresh water and grey water containerment systems to this unit.

Click on the link to take a virtual tour of one of our 20 foot solar powered double exam units.

Clinic In A Can specializes in customized medical facilities built within shipping containers. We use cutting edge technology in this process to produce the most durable, dependable and energy-efficient containerized clinics that can be shipped anywhere in the world.   We are the best priced units for quality and durability.  

The Clinic In A Can was conceived and designed by medical professionals with extensive field experience working with disaster relief and health services in the United States and in developing nations worldwide.  From our work, we realized the acute need for an economical, ready-to-use medical clinic solution, versatile enough to function in many situations throughout the world.  As a true turn-key solution, our clinics are ready within minutes to be used.

What sets Clinic In A Can Apart:

Key Features
  • Fast Turn-Around
These clinics can be deployed immediately as opposed to the extended time and effort it takes to build a clinic on site
  • Ready to Use
When your clinic is delivered, it is completely equipped and ready to use.
  • Economical
We can build a fully equipped, high-quality clinic at the fraction of the cost of on-site construction.
  • Durable
Our clinics are a dependable solution for your medical care needs.  Since our clinics are made from steel containers, they can withstand extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, harsh terrain and security threats.  Life expectancy of our clinics is 20 - 30 years.
  • Environmentally Friendly
We use recycled shipping containers and materials to build our clinics.  We also offer the customized option of solar energy powered clinics.
  • Infection Control Compliant
Armstrong Medical Grade seamless vinyl flooring with flash coving, Midmark Medical Cabinets, Parkland Plastic NRP-FR walls and ceilings and recessed electrical outlets meets and exceed EU and U.S. health code standards and can be cleaned with all bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal solutions.
  • Climate Controlled
The extremely well built structure with R-19 insulation combined with a super energy efficient Daikin 9000 BTU 25 SEER D/C inverted heat pump creates a cost effective, environmentally controlled work area even in the harshest of hot or cold environments.
  • Solar Powered Clinic Option
Your clinic will run 24 hours/7 days per week totally on solar power.   The average power consumption of the clinic including our air condition is less than 300 watts.   Your clinic can be set in the most remote location and provide life saving medical attention regardless of the surrounding infrastructure.    Even if the weather is rainy or overcast, your solar powered clinic will continue to provide power through the back-up battery system for upwards of 18 hours with all equipment running normal.  If it is only lights and basic medical equipment (without air conditioning) your clinic will have 36 hours of back-up power

As you reach out to different companies to obtain other quotes and compare pricing, be sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to rotten tomatoes.

Here is what we have learned over the years during the evolution of our product and comparing our construction methods with other container converting companies

Low Price Clinic Option:
If your shipping container does not have any form of insulation, do not even consider it.  You will end up with a shipping container oven not a clinic.  

Low Price Light Duty Clinic Option:
If your shipping container clinic is made out of sheet rock, initially you will have what appears to be a nicely finished interior though in time you will realize the pitfalls of sheet rock.    Sheetrock scratches and dents easily requiring more overall maintenance.   If your plan is a relocatable clinic, then your sheetrock mud seams will crack, requiring down time to be re-mudded, sanded and repainted every couple of months.   Avoid sheetrock walls.   

Pine wood studs have their own issue in regards to resistance to wood boring insects unless properly treated though this in itself can produce toxic fumes inside your clinic due to off-gassing.   Our initial containers were made from sheetrock and wood studs.   The sheet rock molded and cracked and the pine wood studs were infected with termites after a couple years rendering our clinic toxic and unusable.  

Hospital Construction Code:
Ask if the container clinic being offered by the other company is made to U.S. hospital code with hospital grade materials. Do they use hospital grade flex wiring with proper grounding?   Are the outlets 20amp hospital grade outlets?   Is the flooring to hospital health code standards and coved up the walls to reduce nosocomial infections?   Are the walls made from a material that is washable and can be disinfected after each patient use?  If not, avoid purchasing or renting these units as you legally should not be using these to render care to employees or patients.

Engineering and Design:
Do the other companies have wet stamped MEP-mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans created by a licensed engineer for your state that will pass city and state code?   If not, do not consider them as an option otherwise your company will be taking on the liability if anything were to happen with an employee or patient while in your care.  

Clinic In A Can has been designed, engineered and built by licensed professionals to be the most durable and lowest maintenance containerized clinic product on the market with over 22 years of international experience.

  • (2) Midmark Ritter 253 LED wall mounted Procedure Light 110/220V 50/60Hz                                 
  • (2) Midmark Ritter 204 Exam table 193 cm X 84 cm X 97 cm with Manual Flex Drawer 227 Kg capacity                 
  • (2) Welch Allyn GS 777 PanOptic Opthalmascope, MacroView Otoscope, Wall Aneroid, Kleenspec Specula Dispenser, Sure Temp Plus 690 Thermometer
  • (2) Midmark  Ritter 277 airlift stool with backrest
  • (2) Midmark Pebble Grey side and front, RH door, two glove, tower and cup dispenser

  • Midmark Renew Style steel pressed, powder coated base and 24” tall wall cabinets with integrated locks, stainless steel sink and gooseneck faucet, trash can with integrated trash door
  • (2) Daiken 19 SEER high efficiency 9000 BTU D/C Inverted split air conditioner unit with integrated heat pump.
  • 5 inches of open cell 1/2lb Icynene foam insulation sprayed in the walls and ceiling resulting in a total R-Value of 19 or RSI of 3.34
  • Interior walls framed with 3 inches 20 gauge galvanized steel structural studs.
  • Rough plumbing is 1/2 inches PEX tubing with brass fittings
  • Armstrong Medley Diamond 10 technology coating, Medical Grade seamless homogenous vinyl flooring with 4 inches of flash coving.
  • Walls and ceilings are covered with a 0.55mm full-color thickness Non-FRP washable surface which has been pre-laminated to a 3/8 inch OSB board. The OSB board has been treated with an anti-termite mineral.
  • (2) One Energy Efficient  2 ft X 2 ft flat-panel LED lighting per exam room for a total of (2) LED lights
  • Rough electrical uses hospital grade UL listed metal clad 12/2 solid copper wires and galvanized metal boxes
  • (6) hospital grade electrical outlets. Three duplex outlets per room
  • Communication & Telemedicine ready including (1) Cat 5 internal access point, (1) Coax, (optional) (1) Standard telephone with exterior communication port access panel
  • Available in 110V or 220V 50/60 Hz options
  • External water supply connection, external grey water waste connection
  • 23 inch X 23 inch vinyl sliding glass UV window with integrated bug screen.
  • NON-CSC certified Container which has been painted with a two-part epoxy white which resists rust and reflects the suns heat.
  • Finished Interior Usable Medical Space: 133 square feet or 12.356 sq. meters
  • Medical Storage Space: 35 cubic feet or 1 cubic meter of medical storage space
  • water system (optional)
  • gray water collection system (optional)

Final shipping costs vary by location.

The cost to ship the clinic to and from the clients location is not included in the price.   This will be quoted separately.  Also, a crane  will be required to off-load and re-load container which must be arranged by the client.


12-MONTH / 1-YEAR MINIMUM RENTAL TERM REQUIRED; customer will be required to pay all (12) Monthly Rental Payments to KWIPPED if an early rental termination request is submitted

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