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Air Flow Capture Hood Description

You can find a wide range of types of hood available, along with different sizes. Even though the hoods are available in different sizes, they tend to all fit around the same base, if they are from the same model. Some hoods might be compatible with different models, but this is something to consider when you are choosing one to rent or lease.

You should also check to see the amount that the model is capable of measuring the types of information that you are going to need. Always choose equipment that will work well with one another and be sure to check to see which features and options it provides.

Features of air flow capture hoods

The barometers on the air flow capture hoods can provide users with a wealth of information. They can measure the humidity and the air velocity in many cases, and this is in addition to the temperature and the differential pressures that they can measure. These instruments can help HVAC professionals determine if there are any problems in a system, or if it might need some repairs or calibration, for example. Those who are considering getting one of these hoods for their business will find that it can be quite helpful.

About air flow capture hoods

An air flow capture hood is utilized for a range of HVAC applications, including air balancing. The devices will typically include a fabric hood along with a hood frame, as well as support rods and a base made from molded plastic. They will also contain the instrument that takes the measurements of the volumetric flow rate, or the cubic feet per minute from the supply diffusers and the return and exhaust grilles.

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