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Features of oil water separators

Even though the oil water separators from different manufacturers may have some different individual features, they tend to have a number of elements in common. These include being fully automatic with simple to use controls, and simple maintenance. The designs for the machines need to meet the standards of the American Petroleum Institute. Keep in mind that there are different techniques used with these types of separators, although the end goal of separating the water from oil and other contaminants remains the same.

How oil water separators work

The gravity separation systems utilize "Stokes Law", which explains how the oil and other contaminants separate from the water based on the specific gravity between the wastewater and the contaminants. The majority of the suspended solids will eventually settle at the bottom of the separator, essentially becoming a layer of sediment. The oil, on the other hand, will rise to the top, and the wastewater will remain between the two. The oil is then skimmed from the top, and a scraper will remove the sediment layer that's on the bottom. The water will then be transferred for further treatment. Some oil water separators may use different techniques and principles to work.

About oil water separators

An oil water separator is a device that will separate large amounts of suspended solids and oil from wastewater. They are commonly used in oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, chemical plants, and petrochemical plants.

Oil Water Separator Applications

  • Oil and fuel spills
  • Industrial processes

Oil Water Separator Manufacturers

  • Mercer International
  • Kleerwater
  • Pall
  • Beko
  • Toro
  • LNS
  • Venti Oelde

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