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Features of patient chairs

Most patient chairs are equipped with a hydraulic lift cylinder, which lets the operator adjust the height and angle of the chair for the patient’s better comfort. Other features of patient chairs typically include:
  • Heavy-duty chair frame
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering mechanism
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Aluminum or metal casting base
  • Smooth upholstery
  • Emergency shut-down switch
  • Padded chair back, headrest, armrest, and base
  • Optional upholstery upgrade options

How patient chairs work

Patient chairs use a lift system that the operator can access with a set of controls. The lift system controls the ability to raise and lower the entirety of the chair. There is also capacity to adjust the angle of the backrest independently of the remainder of the chair. Some patient chairs have the option of additional arm and leg adjustments as well.
In newer chair models, manufacturers have been paying more attention to the comfort of the operator as well as the patient. While patient chairs have historically been designed to assist with the comfort of the person sitting in it, more attention has been given to the operator’s ability to access the patient while in a comfortable position. Efforts have been made to be more ergonomically correct, improving the musculoskeletal health of the operators while keeping the patients safe and comfortable. 

About patient chairs

Patient chairs are one of the most essential devices in the modern medical office. Whether they are used by orthodontists, general dentists, surgeons, or primary care doctors, patient chairs bring a lot of benefit to the ergonomic flow of the entire room. When the patient is in a comfortable position in the chair, it makes it much easier for the operator to perform their medical duties, and it is easier on the patient as well. 

Patient Chair Manufacturers

  • A-dec, Inc.
  • Belmont
  • DCI Equipment
  • DentalEZ
  • Engle Dental Systems
  • Forest Dental Products, Inc.
  • Galaxy
  • Midmark Corp.
  • Pelton & Crane
  • Royal

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