Increase sales conversions by 47%

Technology has improved how we communicate, collaborate and solve problems. Technology delivers business intelligence, improves decision making, and mitigates risk. A platform like KWIPPED delivers many of technology’s value propositions to B2B sales.
However, with all the technological advancements, the B2B sales process has not fundamentally changed. B2B sales professionals must understand a customer's problem, educate and collaborate on solutions and establish trust and credibility. Human beings, not machines, are still superior at executing the fundamentals.
That is why we just launched KWIPPED Premium, an enhanced version of the KWIPPED Supplier platform that we think better accommodates B2B sales fundamentals and delivers powerful competitive advantages. In fact, a live beta test resulted in a 47% increase in Supplier sales conversions on the KWIPPED platform.

Direct Customer Collaboration

Until now, KWIPPED’s platform was designed around anonymity and your Market Director has facilitated the necessary conversations with customers on your behalf. While this has been productive, we realize it creates an unnecessary layer. As a domain expert, you are most qualified to diagnose a customer’s needs, answer their questions and recommend the ideal solutions. Upgraded RFQs will now provide total customer contact transparency, including: business and contact name, phone number and email. You’re encouraged to connect immediately and collaborate directly with customers on the KWIPPED platform. This transparency assures you thoroughly understand customers’ applications and offers your business the opportunity to build trust and credibility.

Enhanced Supplier Profiles

We realize you have worked hard to build your business and achieve success. We also realize you are working hard on the KWIPPED platform to earn new business from our users. We want to better communicate your capabilities, achievements and qualifications to customers so that information becomes an influential factor in their decision making. An enhanced supplier profile on KWIPPED will better showcase your company and products, as well as capture customer ratings and a new platform performance score.

Custom Branded Quotes

Your brand is important and influential. It should be everywhere you do business, including directly on top of your KWIPPED quotes. Custom branded quotes will tie your brand to your solution and leverage the brand equity you have built on and off the KWIPPED platform to influence purchasing decisions.

Real Time Competitive Intelligence

We realize how important competitive feedback is to helping you improve your business and adjust your solution offering to be in line with the competition. After you submit a quote for an RFQ, you will be able to see other quotes the customer receives, including information about the equipment and price. This data will be anonymous and you will NOT be able to see which suppliers submitted the quotes. This feature is intended to help you assure your solution proposal is consistent with the market while still maximizing profitability.
We are also making general improvements in the marketplace. These features will be available to all suppliers, even those who choose not to subscribe to an upgraded membership.

Improved Quoting Experience

Your time is valuable and we spend considerable time thinking about how we can make it faster and easier for you to use the KWIPPED platform. An improved quoting experience will significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare quotes. It will also make your quotes more informative and easier to read by customers. New features include, pre-populated product specifications, multiple file attachments and multi line-item quoting.

Customer Ratings and Performance Score

We are constantly hearing praise from customers about their experience with KWIPPED suppliers, but we have had no way to collect and share that information. Peer reviews on platforms like KWIPPED can be quite influential in driving you new business, allowing you to leverage a "job well done" to acquire the next customer. Our new customer ratings feature will share your success and a new Platform Performance Score will showcase objective feedback regarding your transactions on KWIPPED.
We have listened, learned and responded to your feedback. We are preparing to launch KWIPPED Premium in the upcoming weeks and will certainly let you know when the new upgrade is available. We value our relationship with you, our supplier, and we look forward to continued shared success. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Market Director if you have any questions or additional feedback.