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Rent, Lease or Finance Mobility Ramps on KWIPPED

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Features of mobility ramps

While the ramps all have the same goal - making getting into and out of a location faster, easier, and safer for those who have mobility issues or who use mobility devices - the features can vary widely. They have varying rise levels, length, weight, capacity, and more, and these are all elements that will play an important role when renting one of the ramps.

How mobility ramps work

Mobility ramps have a gradual incline that will allow for mobility devices to get up and down difficult terrain, including curbs and stairs. The ramps work very simply in most cases. They simply cover the obstacle, such as stairs. Then, the user is able to take his or her wheelchair, scooter, or other device up and down the ramp.

About mobility ramps

Whether it is at a place of business or at your home, a mobility ramp can be an essential piece of equipment. If you or a loved one has been injured and needs to be in a wheelchair, or can no longer handle going up and down stairs, then having one of these ramps can be a huge benefit. They are available in a number of different varieties.

Mobility Ramp Applications

Mobility ramps can be very helpful for those who need to have an easier time getting into and out of, as well as over, a variety of locations including:
  • Getting into and out of a van or SUV
  • Stairs Threshold Curbs

Mobility Ramp Manufacturers

  • Pride
  • EZ Access
  • Amramp
  • Handi-Ramp

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