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LAN & Cable Tester rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a lan & cable tester
There are a number of different types and models of devices available for rent or lease today, so you need to make your choice carefully. When you are renting your LAN and cable testers, the first question you need to ask yourself is what you need the tester to do. What types of cables will you be testing on a regular basis? You have to make sure that the tester is able to provide you with correct and accurate feedback, so you can be sure the cables you are using are in good working condition. Take the time to find the right tester for your needs.
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Fluke DTX-1800 DTX Digital Cable Analyzer

The DTX Digital CableAnalyzer Series gives you a complete solution that streamlines every aspect of the certification job – from setup, to record-fast testing and troubleshooting, to reporting r ...
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IUP Corp. Fault Wizzard Fault Location System

The Fault Wizard is a truly portable, relatively inexpensive, and user-friendly fault location system for primary underground cable. The system is based on the new automated arc-reflection technology ...
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Features of lan & cable testers

Cable and LAN testers may have different features based on what types of cables they are able to work with. All of them will have a transmitter and a receiver, as well as a readout display for after you’ve tested the cables. Most of the devices are relatively small and handheld, and they have easy to use controls.

How lan & cable testers work

LAN & Cable Tester rentalsWhile there are going to be some differences between the type of cable and LAN testers on the market, you will find that they all have a relatively similar method of working. You will take one end of the cable and hook it up to the transmitter of the device, and you will hook up the other end of the cable to the receiver on the tester. Make sure that the cables are fully plugged in first. You will then send a signal through the tester. It will go from one end of the cable to the other end. You can then read the report on the tester to see if there were any problems or faults with the cable. This will let you know whether the cable is good or if it has problems.

About lan & cable testers

LAN and cable testers are devices that are used in the telecommunications and cable field to determine the viability of a cable. They can be used to determine the connection, as well as to determine the strength of the connection. There are many different types of testers available. Some of them will only work with certain types of wires, while others may work with a range of different types of cables and wires.

LAN & Cable Tester Applications

  • Telecommunications
  • Networking

LAN & Cable Tester Manufacturers

  • Fluke
  • TRENDnet

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