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Underground Cable Puller rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a underground cable puller
When you are renting the machine, you need to consider the features it offers. Different types of underground cable pullers are available, and you want to get what’s right for your job. For example, you might want to choose a machine that offers an easy to use digital readout. Make sure your rental offers this. You might also be concerned about the size and will only be able to use a rental that’s small enough for your area. Check out the size before you decide to rent one of the pullers as well.
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Greenlee 6806 Ultra Tugger Cable Puller

8,000 (35.8 kN) lbs. pulling force Pulling speed ranges from 9FTPM At 2,000 lbs. to 6 FTPM At 8,000 lbs Mobile Versi-Boom system provides fast set-up with no anchors to set or chains to mount ...
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OK Champion RL12 15000# DUAL REEL LOADER

The most efficient option for transporting reels of cable and performing cable removal and placement operations is with one vehicle.  The RL12047 Reel Loader is capable of hydraulically lifting a ...
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OK Champion S66036 7000# PULL RODDER

OK Champion Rodders set the standard for continuous rodding equipment.  The S660 is easy to use and flexible enough to tackle all duct and sewer rodding jobs.  It features fast simple operat ...
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Hydra 985 "The Hydra Hog"

The selection of the HYDRA 985 as your cable-pulling unit can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on any given job. Line construction experts will tell you the highest costs of any job are in the se ...
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Features of underground cable pullers

underground cable puller rentalMany of the underground cable pullers of today feature a digital readout that gives the operator far more insight and control over what is happening underground. They are able to see and view the pulling forces, as well as the distance the cable has been pulled. They are also able to see and use the tension limiter, and take note of the pressure readings. In addition, the underground cable pullers are typically on wheels, and they have a stand so they do not need to be hooked up to a vehicle to be effective. They also have trailer hitches so you can connect them to a vehicle and move them to where you need them.

How underground cable pullers work

Most of the different models will work very similarly. The machine has the capability to hold onto and pull cable beneath the ground. Some of the units available today work on hydraulics. They have a simple to use control and readout system that will provide the user with insight into what the puller is doing. This can prevent any snaps of the cable. For example, if you were to put too much tension onto the cable, it could actually break. This helps to reduce the possibility of that happening

About underground cable pullers

Many times, those who are installing different types of cables, or even removing cable, will need to pull it from one area to another while that cable remains underground. This is not a simple task, but it is one that you can achieve when you make use of an underground cable puller. These machines are highly effective at this task, and they can be just the thing you need for your worksite.

Underground Cable Puller Applications

  • Utilities
  • Telecommunication
  • Cable

Underground Cable Puller Manufacturers

  • Condux International
  • Boyu

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