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Manlift rentals

Considerations when renting a manlift

If you will be renting a manlift, you want to make sure that you are getting the right one for the job. You want to check to see how much weight it is capable of holding, as well as how high the lift will reach. Think about your project and choose the lift that's appropriate.

Features of manlifts

Manlifts have a bucket, basket, or work platform at the end of the boom, and then controls on the bucket, or on the main part of the machine on the ground. The scissor lift has only vertical movement - it can go up and down only. These are generally able to support a lot of weight, with some of the largest platforms capable of holding and lifting around 1,500 pounds. This is one of the advantages over the boom lift. However, these types of manlifts are only able to go up a couple of stories. Boom lifts on the other hand have both horizontal and vertical movement, and some of the larger options out there can extend up to 110 feet. This means they can reach much higher levels than the scissor lifts. However, they are not capable of holding as much weight.

How manlifts work

The primary function of the manlifts is very simple. They have platforms where you can place both people and equipment. The controls will allow you to then lift them into the area so they can reach higher levels for work or to deliver supplies.

About manlifts

A manlift is a type of device that is capable of carrying workers and equipment up to a higher level of another floor. They are useful in a variety of different fields including agriculture, oil and gas, construction, and more. The pieces of equipment that are on the market today tend to be relatively safe devices, but it is always important that anyone using the device adheres to basic safety procedures to avoid injury to themselves and to others. Only those who are trained to use the machine should be operating it, and it is important to move the manlift slowly to ensure the utmost safety for those riding in the lift and for others in the area.

Manlift Applications

  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Public Utilities
  • Warehouse

Manlift Manufacturers

  • Man Lift Mfg.
  • Humphrey Manlift
  • Genie
  • JLG

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