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Frac Manifold rentals

Considerations when renting a frac manifold

When you are choosing a frac manifold, it is very important to think about the overall scope of your fracking operation first. This will let you know the size of manifold you will need, whether you need to have more than one, and what other pieces of equipment you may need to rent, such as frac heads. Many of the units are flexible and modular, so you can build onto them as needed. If you already have a manifold, make sure that any other components and manifolds that you are renting are compatible with the equipment you already have.

Features of frac manifolds

Frac manifold features will vary based on a number of factors. They can be placed in a number of different configurations to work with different size and types of wells and configurations. Some of the variable features between manifolds include the pump services capacity, bore size, size of the frac lines, and the characteristics of the wellbore. Some of the common components that most of the manifolds will have include spools, crosses, gate valves, goat heads (or frac heads), and tees. They are put together in countless variable combinations to suit each individual project.

How frac manifolds work

The frac manifolds make it possible to isolate the wells that have gone through a full frac cycle, and which will now need to be plugged and perforated. They can then redirect the flow of the fluid used for fracking to the next well that is ready for a cycle. When using the frac manifold in this manner, it is known as a zipper or zip fracking.

About frac manifolds

A frac manifold is a series, or arrangement, of flow fittings and valves. They are installed downstream of the missile, also called the frac pump output header, and they are upstream of the frac trees. One of the benefits of using this type of device is that it will increase the speed and the efficiency of the site. The users can rely on the manifold to take care of the redirection of the fluid to the right well, and they will no longer have to do any of the work manually. This also helps to improve the safety of the fracking site.

Frac Manifold Applications

Frac manifolds are exclusively used in the fracking industry.
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Frac Manifold Manufacturers

  • FMC Technologies
  • Cameron

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