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Ultrasound Machine rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a ultrasound machine
Ultrasound machine rentals are ideal for short-term research projects, replacement of machines under repair, and medical practice expansions.  KWIPPED supplier's maintain a large inventory of ultrasound machines and can customize solutions for a specific application or transducer. 

Our network can rent or lease 3D or 4D, portable, muskuloskeletal,  doppler and cardial ultrasound machines.  Portable ultrasound machines are easily shippable and rental or lease start dates can begin within days of placing an order. 

KWIPPED ultrasound rental or lease programs should not be confused with leasing.  Our supplier network specializes in equipment rentals which are short-term and not tied to buy-outs or financing. To learn more about renting an ultrasound machine, read our KWIPPED Tip article by clicking here.
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Sonosite M Turbo

Sonosite M turbo portable ultrasound system ...
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Sonoscape A6 Ultrasound System

The Sonoscape A6 ultrasound system is a small and portable Black-and-White ultrasound system with solid imaging performance. The Sonoscape A6 is lightweight and is known for durability. The A6 is easy ...
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Sonosite M-Turbo Ultrasound Machine

High Resolution Imaging Across the Point of Care Our most versatile system for abdominal, nerve, vascular, cardiac, venous access, pelvic, and superficial imaging. The M-Turbo® ultrasound system ...
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Siemens Acuson Sequioa Ultrasound

The ultra-premium performance ACUSON Sequoia™ 512 ultrasound system sets the standard in ultrasound and creates new opportunities for clinical excellence. Unique, patented core technologies sepa ...
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GE Voluson 730 Pro Ultrasound System

VolusonTM 730 ultrasound helps you view tiny structures with clarity, differentiate tissue types and subtle details, and detect abnormalities to help enable early intervention. The Voluson 730 ...
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GE LOGIQ-e BT11 Portable Ultrasound machine with OB/Vascular Package

Amazing accuracy and immediate information help you excel in providing patient care. The LOGIQ e high-resolution image quality gives you the information you need to help make quick decisions with conf ...
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GE LOGIQ Book Portable Ultrasound Machine

LOGIQ Book’s hand-carried design allows the power of advanced ultrasound imaging to be deployed throughout the healthcare facility and beyond. Transported by hand or by cart, the LOGIQ Book ultr ...
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Fukuda Denshi Portable Ultrasound System

A high image quality leads to earlier disease detection, more accurate diagnosis and less invasive treatments. In order to ensure patient's premium care, UF-760AG provide to even more physicians, ...
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Acuson Sequoia C512 Shared Service Ultrasound

ACUSON Sequoia c512 LCD ultrasound model is characterized from its family series by its unparalleled imaging capacity using Native Patient Specific Imaging technology that easily and seamlessly determ ...
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Siemens/Acuson x300 Premium Edition (PE) Ultrasound System

Siemens ACUSON X300 is a distinguished ultrasound model in the Acuson family of ultrasound systems for bringing in a high level of versatility, efficiency, convenience, and performance. This fully fea ...
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PHILIPS HD-11XE CVO Shared Service – Philips Diamond Select

PHILIPS HD-11XE CVO Shared Service – Philips Diamond Select 17” LCD Monitor with articulating arm, Cardiac/Vascular/OB/GYN/General Imaging Pkg., Color Doppler, CW/PW Doppler, M-Mode, Ang ...
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Features of ultrasound machines

The ultrasound machine will feature a probe, or transducer, along with a monitor, the computer system that runs the machine, and a base. Many of the models are available on casters, making them easy to bring with you from one room to another. Users will also need to make sure that they always have plenty of gel available for the machine.

How ultrasound machines work

ultrasound machine rentalThe high frequency sound waves that the machine sends out actually hit the organs in the body and then reflect off them. The computer receives the reflected waves and utilizes that information to create the picture mentioned earlier. One of the benefits to using this test is that it does not use ionizing radiation as CT scans and x-rays do. When someone has an ultrasound, they will lay down on the table and have a clear water-based gel placed above the area where they will be examining. The gel makes the sound wave transmission easier. Then, the medical professional will take a transducer, which is a handheld probe, and move it over the area being examined. In some cases, the doctor may ask the patient to move positions to get a look from another angle.

About ultrasound machines

An ultrasound machine makes use of high frequency sound waves, which it then turns into images of elements inside of the human body, such as organs. The sound wave that they use is well beyond the upper limit of human hearing. The machines can do more than just create images of organs. They can also measure distances and detect hidden objects. This tool is extremely helpful for showing internal organs, muscles, and tendons in real time, so the doctor can get a much better idea of what is wrong with the patient.

Ultrasound Machine Applications

  • Cardiac
  • Veterinary
  • Urology
  • Radiology
  • ObGyn
  • Vascular
  • Sonography

Ultrasound Machine Manufacturers

  • Esaote
  • SonoSite
  • Volcano
  • Mindray
  • Samsung
  • General Electric
  • Boston Scientific
  • Siemens
  • Philips
  • Toshiba
  • Fukuda Denshi

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