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Pallet Jack rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a pallet jack
You have quite a few considerations when you are choosing your pallet jack. Will you be looking for a manual or an electrical jack? Both are easy to use and will get the job done. It often just comes down to a matter of preference. You also need to check to see the width of the pallet jack, as well as the length of the forks. This is so you can determine whether it will be able to get around your company as easily as you would like. Your KWIPPED supplier will happily answer any questions related to specific pallet jacks or how to use them.
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This truck combines the compactness and versatility of a hand pallet truck with the ergonomics of an electric pallet truck. It is ideally suited for moving loads in confined spaces where larger electr ...
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Fork Size: 27" x 45" Weight: 390lb   ...
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Features of pallet jacks

The primary features of the pallet jack include the handle and the forks. The handle will have the controls for the jack, including the release to lower the forks. A number of different jacks are available currently, and some of the biggest differences between them are the capacity they can carry, the length of the forks, and the actual size of the machine. They all work in very much the same manner though.

How pallet jacks work

pallet lift rentalThe pallet jack is a useful tool to have in material handeling. It has two “forks”, which will go beneath a pallet. You will then lift the forks to get the pallet off the ground so that you can move it. With an electrical pallet, you can do this with a press of a button. A manual pallet jack is just as simple. You will pump the handle to raise the level of the forks. This will lift the pallet up and off the ground. You will then be able to haul it around on your pallet. It’s a good idea to wear some heavy-duty, steel-toed boots while you are working with the pallet jack, just in case it runs over your feet by mistake.

About pallet jacks

Another name for a pallet jack is a pallet truck or a jigger. These are used in many different fields to lift and move pallets. There are a number of different types of pallet jacks available today, including manual and electric. They make it easy to move around pallets, and they can often go into places that you would simply not be able to reach if you only had your forklift.

Pallet Jack Applications

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial
  • Shipyard

Pallet Jack Manufacturers

  • Jet
  • Vestil
  • Mighty Lift

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