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Incubator rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a incubator
First, you need to consider what types of items and samples you will be putting into the incubator. This will let you know what type you should choose. In addition, think about the size of the incubator. There are small units that will fit right on top of a table, and much larger units that could fill a room. You can determine the size of the incubator you need by considering the number of samples you need to incubate at a single time.
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Precision Compact Incubator 0.67 Cu. Ft.

Thermo Scientific Precision Compact Incubators feature a space-savings footprint. Featuring a space-savings footprint for maximizing workspace, these Precision compact incubators are ideal for small c ...
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Forma Scientific 3860 HEPA Filtered IR Incubator

The Forma 3860 CO2 incubator is a HEPA filtered 7 cu ft IR incubator that is microprocessor controlled and features the following: 1) Infrared CO2 sensor. Maintains a consistent CO2 level independent ...
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Thermo Forma Model 3033 Steri-Cult air jacketed CO2 incubator (10 cu. ft.)

Thermo Forma Steri-Cult 200 Model 3033 Air Jacketed Incubator Features/Specifications: Interior dimensions: 31 H x 26 W x 20 D inches HEPA Filtered Air Readability: 0.1C Temperature Range ...
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Thermo Forma Model 3860 Steri-Cult air jacketed CO2 incubator (7.4 cu. ft.)

Thermo Forma Steri-Cult 200 Model 3860 HEPA Filtered Infrared CO2 Incubator Condition:  Excellent   Features: Microprocessor  controller Digital LCD display for Temperature Ala ...
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Thermo Scientific Heratherm IMC18 Compact Microbiological Incubator

The Thermo Scientific Heratherm IMC18 laboratory incubator has mechanical convection airflow, a 0.65 cubic foot/18L capacity, and 17 to 40 degrees C temperature range to keep samples at a constant tem ...
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John's Scientific, Incubator, Model 1520

Incubator, John’s Scientific (Shellab) 1520 -Outside dimensions 22”W x 21”D x 25”H -Inside dimensions 15”W x 15”D x 15”H -inner door glass -outer door ena ...
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The New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Incubator

The New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Incubator is electronically controlled and built for continuous operation for incubation with shaking fermentation. The rugged unit offers dual thermo ...
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Fisher Scientific, Model 650D Incubator

Fisher Scientific Isotemp 650D Incubator Oven with gravity flow circulation provides accurate heating for routine laboratory procedures, drying and staining of slides, paraffin embedding, tissue cultu ...
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Forma Steri-Cycle 370 - CO2 Incubator

370 - Forma Steri-Cycle CO2 Incubator TC        115V 50/60Hz    Full specifications   ▼ Chamber Material      ...
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Binder B-28 Natural Convection Incubator

• Temperature range: 30-70°C  • Glass inner door   ...
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Thermo Forma Model: 3110 CO2 Water Jacketed Incubator

Precisely control the CO2 and temperature with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Series II 3110 Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators, which combine precise control with a choice of TC or IR sen ...
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Features of incubators

Many different sizes and types of incubators are available. When you are choosing one, it is important to familiarize yourself with its particular features. They will have controls that you can use for things such as controlling the temperature and humidity levels, the gas supply, and the power. They often have touch screen displays, as well as data storage and programmable alarms.

How incubators work

laboratory incubator rentalOnce you have your cultures on specimen places, you will be able to place them into your incubator. Make sure that you set the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels before you place them into the incubator. It needs to be ready to go before you put your samples into it. Different types of units tend to be better for different types of studies. Some of them are better for plants, while others are better for biochemical and hematological studies, or even food analysis. They all work similarly though. Once you put your samples into the incubator, you will keep them there without removing them until the end of the incubating period. This can vary based on what you are incubating. It’s important to take note of when your samples should come out for examination.

About incubators

A laboratory incubator is a very important device in many labs and medical facilities around the world. They are used in order to grow and maintain cell cultures, and they are able to do so in a controlled environment that is free of contaminants. It’s a safe and reliable way to work with cultures, as the user is able to control the CO2 levels, as well as the humidity and the temperature.

Incubator Applications

  • Research
  • Medical treatments
  • Biology
  • Genetic engineering

Incubator Manufacturers

  • Carbolite
  • Dynalab Corp.
  • Jeio Tech
  • Thermo Scientific
  • New Brunswick Scientific
  • Sanyo
  • Nu-Aire

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