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Gas Chromatograph rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a gas chromatograph
What is your main need for a gas chromatograph? Knowing what you need it for ensures you will be getting the right operating system. Also, consider the size of the unit. Some of them are large and will need space on a tabletop or a bench. Others are smaller and portable. Keep in mind that they will have different functions, so you have to make sure you are renting the one that’s right for you needs. If you have specific product questions, simply ask a KWIPPED supplier and they will be happy to assist you.
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Thermo Scientific Trace GC Ultra Gas Chromatograph

Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra: Analysis in 1-2 minutes reducing cycle time by a factor of 35 with SSL inlet and FID detector Offers the most appropriate solution in a highly reliable manner Sm ...
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Hewlett Packard 3396C series III Integrator

• Processes an analog (voltage) signal from a detector connected to a gas chromatograph HPLC or other analytical equipment • Offers comprehensive automation capability improved plot quali ...
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Biotage Flash Chromatography System

115V ...
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Biotage SP1 HPFC Column High Performance Flash Chromatography

Column High Performance Flash Chromatography ...
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Agilent GC 6890 Gas Chromatograph

Hewlett Packard (Agilent) 6890 with Single injector (Capillary) and single detector (FID). ...
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Hewlett Packard 5890A ​Gas Chromatograph, with Single injector and single detector. FID, Split/splitless.

Includes: HP 5890 Series II GC Single Split/Splitless Injector Electronic Pressure Control Flame Ionization Detector installed on GC INET Communications Cables & Manuals ...
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Hewlett Packard 5890/5972 GC/MS System

Includes:  HP 5972 Mass Selective Detector  HP 7673 Auto Tower Injector, HP 7673 B/S Controller, 100-Position Sample Tray  Electronic Pressure control EPC  HP 59822B Ioni ...
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Hewlett Packard 5890/5971 GC/MS System

This HP 5971 GC/MS with HP 5890 Series II GC  Features: HP 5971 MS with heated ion source Heated transfer line Ion gauge tube A 10-650 amu range BRAND NEW Roughing Pump Smart Card II HP 5 ...
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Hewlett Packard FID for 5890 GC Detector

The HP 5890 was released in 1984 and was soon followed by the HP 5890 Series II which has electronic pressure control. Both units are still popular on the used equipment market and are one of the top ...
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Hewlett Packard 5890A ​Gas Chromatograph with Dual injectors and dual detectors.

Includes: HP 5890 Series II GC Dual Split/Splitless Injectors Dual Flame Ionization Detectors INET Communications Cables & Manuals Ninety (90) Day Warranty Options ...
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Hewlett Packard 6890 with Single injector and single detector Gas Chromatograph

Agilent 6890 GC Gas Chromatograph Series Agilent 6890 offers a complete selection of inlets: split/splitless, purged-packed, cool on-column, PTV, and volatiles interface A wide selection of the ...
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Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II Plus ​Gas Chromatograph Dual injectors and dual detectors with EPC

Refurbished HP 5890 Series II GC with EPC and Dual FID The Hewlett Packard 5890 defined the absolute standard of gas chromatography for many laboratories around the world.  A refurbished 5890 mi ...
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Features of gas chromatographs

There are many different types of gas chromatographs available, and while they all have certain features that are different, the primary operation and design is similar. They will all have an easy to use control panel and readout. Some of the models are portable and easy to take into the field. The controls tend to be even simpler, and the results tend to come relatively quickly.

How gas chromatographs work

Gas Chromatograph rentalThis is a complex piece of machinery, but some models have relatively simple inputs and readouts. The user will inject their sample solution into the device. At that point, the sample will enter a gas stream, which brings it into the separation tube, called a column. The carrier gas in the unit will generally be either nitrogen or helium. The components of the sample will then separate in the column. A detector measures the quantity of the components that go out of the column.

About gas chromatographs

A gas chromatograph is capable of separating and analyzing compounds that are capable of being vaporized without decompression. They are then able to separate those compounds based on their specific boiling points. Some of the other common terms in use for this machine is gas-liquid partition chromatograph and vapor phase chromatograph. They are in use in many labs and have a variety of uses. They are quite common in high tech forensic labs.

Gas Chromatograph Applications

A device that sorts and analyzes to test purity of and identify compounds.
  • Forensic science
  • Solid drug dose identification
  • Arson investigation
  • Paint chip analysis
  • Toxicology
  • Analytical chemistry

Gas Chromatograph Manufacturers

  • Agilent
  • APIX
  • Bruker
  • Buck Scientific
  • GenTech
  • Inrag
  • LECO
  • JEOL
  • Parker Balston
  • Simadzu
  • Waters

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