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Electron Microscope rentals

Considerations when renting a electron microscope

An electron microscope is an instrument that allows the user to see items on a very small scale. The technology in the electron microscope has allowed for a great many scientific discoveries

How electron microscopes work

Instead of using visible light, they make use of an electron beam, and an electron detector takes the place of your eyes. The beam will allow you to see things that are very small. In fact, you are able to see features as small as a fraction of a nanometer. They are able to produce remarkably detailed images that humans had never seen before. These microscopes are a very important element of any lab, but they can be expensive, which is why renting them is a good option.

Several different types of electron microscope are available. The SEM, or scanning electron microscope will reflect the characteristics of the surface of the object that comes into contact with the electron beam. The transmission electron microscope, or TEM, uses beams of electrons on thin samples that are less than 100 nanometers thick. After they hit the sample, they then hit a fluorescence screen, which creates an image showing the sample. The third type is a scanning transmission electron microscope, or STEM. It combines elements from the previous two varieties.


Electron Microscope Applications

These microscopes are useful for a number of different applications. In the semiconductor and data storage field, they are often used for circuit edits and defect analysis. In biology and life sciences, they are used for cryobiology, electron tomography, toxicology, particle analysis, structural biology, virology, and 3D tissue imaging. In materials research, they are used for nanoprototyping, nanometrology, and medical research. They are also used for high resolution imaging, sample preparation, forensics, mining, and in the chemical and petrochemical fields.

Electron Microscope Manufacturers

Finding the right electron microscope to rent is vital for a lab. You need to think about the types of applications you will be using the microscope for, and then choose the type that will provide you with the results you need. Electron microscopes are available from many different manufacturers around the world. Some popular options come from Zeiss, Hitachi, Scientaomicron, and Jeol.

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