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Considerations when renting a balances & scale

Since there are so many different types of scales and balances, think about the type of measurements you need to take before renting. Choose a scale or balance that will be able to handle the weight of your measurements easily, and be sure that it is easy to use and has a simple to read and understand display. Some may even want to look into portable scales if they need to take them to and from different locations. KWIPPED's supplier network will be able to assist you for specific product needs.

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Sartorius MP 1602, Balance 160g 0.001g

Sartorius analytical balance 1602 MP. 220 V. 50 Hz. 11 W. Weighing 50 mg-160 g. Readability 0.1 mg. Weighing plate 100 mm. Weighing chamber protected from wind. Circular level. Digital display. ...
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Mettler 303 S/ FACT Balance 320 g, 0.01g

Mettler Toledo PB303-S milligram precision balance has automatic internal calibration, 310 gram weighing capacity and reads to 1 milligram. ...
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Mettler PM 100 Balance 100g , 0.01 g

Mettler Toledo PM100 toploading balance 0.001g readability, 110g capacity DeltaTrac display  ...
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Mettler Toledo AT400 Analytical Balance

Max 405g, d=0.1mg Repeatability: for full load, 0.15mg mg and for 0-50g range, 0.05mg  Linearity: +-0.5mg  (W x L x H), mm: 241 x 434 x 289 Voltage:  110V ...
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Mettler Toledo AT261 Delta Range Analytical Balance

Readability: 0.01 mg (0.1 mg)  Weighing capacity: 62 g (205 g)  Taring range: 0...205 g Auto-Retracting Glass Outer Draft Shield Removable Inner Draft Shield Built-in Calib ...
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Mettler Toledo ID7 with Scale

High performance, rugged and dependable - the ID7 is just the right terminal for all weighing tasks in industry. Thanks to its adaptability through additional functions, configurations and constructio ...
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Ohaus Analytical plus AP210

The Ohaus ANALYTICAL Plus Series balances are high precision weighing instruments, designed to be versatile, accurate, easy to operate and will provide years of service with virtually no maintenance. ...
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Mettler Toledo AT200 Analytical Balance

  Electronic balance with fully automated calibration technology (FACT)  Manual/motorized doors Capacity:  205g  Readability: 0.2g  Repeatability: 0.07mg for full ...
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Ohaus Scout Pro Portable Balance

The OHAUS Scout Pro features easy-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display, multiple weighing units, four application modes, and the option of either RS232 or USB connectivity, the Sco ...
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Mettler Toledo AT460 Analytical Balance

Capacity max 62g/405g d=0.1mg/1mg Model # AT460 ...
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Mettler Toledo XP603S Analytical Balance

Touchscreen display Max capacity: 610g Readability: 1mg Repeatability: 0.9mg Settling time: 1.5s 12V 2.25A 27w ...
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Mettler Toledo X56001M Scale

Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo Model #X56001M ...
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Features of balances & scales

Some of the modern balances and scales will have digital readouts on them, which can make them easier to read. Most of the scales will also have a top loading feature. Balances will have two separate plates, one on either side. The features for each of the scales will be different based on the type of scale that it actually is.

How balances & scales work

balance and scale rentalsWhile each of the different types of balances and scales might be slightly different, they all work in much the same way. The goal of each is to accurately weigh some type of item. Some will use spring mechanisms, while others will use pendulums. Digital scales are quite popular, and today they are quite accurate, which can make them a good choice. You simply place the item that you need to weigh onto the scale, and then check the readout on the display. Different types of scales will work differently though. For example, a pendulum scale has a weight fixed to an arm that swings upward when being weighted. It will keep swinging until it reaches a balance. A spring scale features a metal spring to balance the load that you are weighing. The amount of distortion to the spring will indicate the weight of the item.

About balances & scales

Some of the most essential parts of any laboratory setting today are balances and scales. While they are a relatively simple part of lab equipment, and they’ve been in use for hundreds of years, they are still vital. They ensure accuracy when measuring and weighing items, and accuracy is always important in the lab. Many different types are available today depending on your preference and what you really need for the job. They are available in digital, spring, and pendulum options.

Balances & Scale Applications

  • Experimental
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medicine
  • Microbiology

Balances & Scale Manufacturers

  • Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
  • Shimadzu
  • Terra Universal 

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