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Motor Grader rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a motor grader
The size of your work site will determine the size of your blade.  Blade sizes range from approximately 12-24 feet.  If you need to break up any material, be sure to also choose a ripper.  Consider any other attachments you may need.  If you have a large job you may do better renting a grader with a higher horsepower; consult your KWIPPED network supplier to choose adequate power for your project.
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Cat 130G Motorgrader

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Features of motor graders

The blade is the main component of a motor grader.  It is situated under the middle of the grader with two axles behind and one in front of it.  The operator sits in the cab, which is above the double rear axles.  Occasionally, there is a second blade on the front of the grader.
There are many attachments available for motor graders.  A ripper is a rake-like attachment to the back of the grader; pulling this across a surface breaks up larger pieces to allow for easier grading.  A dozer blade can be attached to the front, as can a snow plow, a rotary broom, or compaction roller.  Wing blades can be added to the sides of the grader to reach under low overhangs.

How motor graders work

Motor graders are employed once a rough grade has been achieved.  They are used to prepare surfaces for paving.  The blade is controlled with a joystick inside the cab, and the grader is driven forward to draw the blade across a surface to level it.  A ripper could be used like a rake over the surface before leveling.

About motor graders

Motor graders are used to create a flat surface, usually after another piece of equipment, like a dozer, has created a rough grade.  Also known as a grader, road grader, blade, or maintainer, motor graders are most frequently used in road construction to make a level or sloped surface before paving.

Motor Grader Applications

  • Road construction
  • Road maintenance
  • Building foundations
  • Large landscaping

Motor Grader Manufacturers

  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • New Holland
  • Terex
  • Volvo CE

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