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Ground Penetrating Radar rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a ground penetrating radar
Gather information about the ground you are surveying before renting a ground penetrating radar.  This will help you work with your KWIPPED network supplier to rent or lease a GPR that emits a signal of appropriate strength.  Your display needs will be determined by what you need to do with the data once it is collected; keep in mind that horizontal slice, vertical slice, and 3-D composite imaging are available.
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GSSI StructureScan Mini XT 3D

The StructureScan Mini XT is GSSI’s newest generation of our very popular all-in-one GPR systems. The StructureScan Mini XT offers a 2.7 GHz antenna for superior target resolution and can reach ...
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GSSI UtilityScan LT

UtilityScan® provides a rich feature set that redefines the level of performance available in a low cost utility locating system. The newly designed UtilityScan combines nearly two decades of ...
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MALÅ GroundExplorer (GX) is an integrated GPR solution. Through unique hyperstacking HDR technology, MALÅ GX offers significantly faster data acquisition rates, with outstanding signal-to- ...
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Leica Geosystems DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar

There’s a lot going on underground that you need to know about before you ever start to dig. The Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar finds all potential threats, including non-conductive pipes ...
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GSSI StructureScan Mini HR 2D/3D

The StructureScan Mini HR is an all-in-one, hand-held GPR system for high-resolution concrete inspection.  Featuring a 2600 MHz antenna, this system helps locate rebar, conduits, post-tension cab ...
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IDS Opera DUO Ground Penetrating Radar

 Features: A large, comfortable handle to make pushing and pulling easier, large wheels for better control and a balanced weight distribution to offer the minimum resistance.  Engineer ...
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Features of ground penetrating radars

GPR devices must be moved across a surface since the objects are stationary.  Most GPRs have wheels and are pushed or pulled over the ground.  The main features are the transmitting antenna, the receiving antenna, and the display.  On some models there is only one antenna, which transmits and receives the signals.

How ground penetrating radars work

A transmitter emits a high frequency signal into the ground.  This signal is reflected, refracted, and/or scattered by the materials and objects below the surface.  A receiving antenna records the signal variations and an image of the subsurface is created.  Images can be created by horizontal or vertical slices or combined into a 3-D image.
Higher frequency signals will not penetrate as far as lower frequencies, but they may create a higher resolution image.  Dry materials, like stone, are more resistive and the signal will penetrate deeper.  Moist materials, like clay, are conductive and will not reflect the signal as well creating a much shallower penetration.  Ice and snow allow for the deepest signal penetration. 

About ground penetrating radars

Ground penetrating radars use radar pulses to create an image of material below the surface of the ground.  The radar is nondestructive electromagnetic radiation, which is completely safe and will not harm the operator.  GPRs are used to find utility lines, diagnose structural building problems, and find buried objects.  They work on a variety of materials including rock, dirt, pavement, ice, and fresh water; they will not work in salt water.  GPRs are also called ground probing radars, ground radars, and georadars.

Ground Penetrating Radar Applications

  • Earth Science
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Utilities
  • Archaeology

Ground Penetrating Radar Manufacturers

  • Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI)
  • Mala
  • Terraplus
  • US Radar, Inc.

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