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Air Sparge System rentals

Considerations when renting a air sparge system

Do you have a company that may need to rent or lease one air sparge system, or more than one system? If so, you will find that you have a number of options when it comes to manufacturers. The systems tend to be very similar in design and operation. However, you will want to choose a system that will work well with the size and the needs of your specific operation.

Features of air sparge systems

An air sparge system, regardless of the manufacturer, tends to have the same types of parts and features .They will typically include air compressors, flow meters, heat exchangers, and control panels. It is possible to mount many of the different types of systems onto skids, as well as open trailers and closed cargo containers. It is also possible to put them into sheds.

How air sparge systems work

The technique of air sparging requires that pressurized air is injected directly into the contaminated groundwater or soil. The permeability of the soil will determine just how fast the air can be injected. This will then allow the hydrocarbons in the soil to change their state, going from dissolved to vapor. The vapor in the air then goes into a vacuum extraction system, and this removes the contaminants. When these types of systems are used correctly, it can be very effective at lowering the concentration of the aforementioned volatile compounds.

About air sparge systems

Air sparging, also called in situ air stripping, is a type of remediation technique that helps to treat groundwater and soil that's been contaminated by volatile organic compounds. This includes things such as petroleum hydrocarbons. Air sparge systems tend to be very important to those who are running oil operations both large and small. Using these systems can offer a number of benefits. It can be a cheaper option, it doesn't require removal, treatment and storage, as other remediation options do, and the treatment times tend to be shorter. These benefits have encouraged many oil producers to add these machines to their operation.

Air Sparge System Manufacturers

  • Fliteway Technologies, Inc.
  • Good Earthkeeping Organization, Inc.
  • Product Level Control, Inc.
  • Ground Effects Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment
  • BISCO Environmental
  • Water Equipment Services, Inc.
  • WES Industries Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.
  • EPG Companies, Inc.

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