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Considerations when renting or leasing a probe
When you are renting probes for electrical testing, you will find a range of options available. However, they tend to work the same for the most part. Consider whether you want to use the pointed tipped or blunt tipped probes. Of course, you will also have to make sure that the probes will work with your particular device. Most of the probe options are universal, though, so this should not be a problem for you.

You will also want to check the quality of the probes. Choosing a good brand to rent or lease can help here. You want to make sure that the probes are UL approved, and that they are constructed well. Check to see the maximum voltage and the maximum current for the probes, and check their safety category rating, as well.

Also, consider the length of probe that you need to take care of your testing. You might find that you need to have several different types of probes. It will generally be easier for you if you rent or lease them at the same time and from the same location.
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E Instruments High Temperature Probe

40" probe length Good for temperatures to 2190° F Includes 10-foot (3-meter) cable ...
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Fluke DP120 Differential Probe

The DP120 differential voltage probe is designed to make measurements on signals with floating reference. The DP120 has two probes with shrouded banana probe tips (one red, one black) and shielded cab ...
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AEMC K110 AC/DC Current Probe

Features: Measures extremely low level DC from 100?A Outputs signal proportional to total current (DC + AC) Low noise Ultra-compact size and non-contact clamp-on convenience Simple plug-in ...
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Tektronix P6015A Single-Ended High Voltage Probe

You can measure DC voltages up to 20 kV and pulses up to 40 kV. The 75 MHz bandwidth enables you to capture fast, high-voltage signals. The P6015A uses an enviromentally safe silicone compound for a d ...
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Features of probes

The probes are black or red, which helps to identify them. However, there are quite a few different types of probes available – blunt tipped probes, as well as pointed tipped probes, for example. Many find that the pointed tipped probes are more useful for their needs, but it may depend on the type of work you are doing. The back-probe adaptors are able to go over the ends of the probes and can provide a contact that is used for testing circuits. This method will cause no damage to the circuits.

About probes

When testing various types of electrical systems and components, you need to have all of the right tools available. Most know that they need the right tester kits, naturally. However, they do not always stop to think about getting the right probes for the job.

It might be a good idea to consider having multiple probes available for your testing units, as having backups is typically helpful. Having probes, as well as back-probe adapters is necessary for most who work in environments where electrical testing is necessary.

Probe Manufacturers

There are many types of probes and many different manufacturers who are making these items today. Some of the manufacturers that offer them today include AMC, Fluke, and Tektronix. However, there are plenty of other options on the market.

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