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Rent, Lease or Finance Primary Current Injection Test Sets on KWIPPED

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Features of primary current injection test sets

Some of the options available can test the relay protection systems, as well as their
current transformers at the same time. They may also have built-in timers that can be used to record protection relay operations.

Many of the options available today are self-contained and easy to use by a single
person. They also tend to be rugged, which means it is possible to use them in many
environments without worry. Some options from Megger have a handheld controller and an expandable cable so the operator can close to a protective relay. This could be something that would be beneficial for you. Some might also have a separate auxiliary voltage output, which can be used for testing the voltage operated relay coils. This could also be used for checking magnetization characteristics for current transformers.

About primary current injection test sets

A primary current injection test set helps to provide technicians and operators with a
means of keeping their electrical systems running optimally. These, along with other
types of testing sets, are essential for proper performance. The primary current injection test set will check to make sure the circuits are functioning properly.

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