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Power Factor Test Set rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a power factor test set
When you are choosing a power factor test set to rent, you will want to make sure that you consider all of the capabilities of the set. Consider the types of testing and the overall accuracy of the item. What is the maximum test current? Can the device measure what you need?

Some of the models on available today feature an SSL. This is a safety strobe light that will flash when testing ins in progress. This lets those who are near the device know that there is high voltage present, and that it could be dangerous. Consider what else the device could measure. Some options from Doble, for example, can also measure the temperature and humidity, which can be valuable when trying to perform a diagnostic evaluation.

Consider what items, if any, come with the rental, for example, a case for caddying the item. Also, be sure someone in the facility who will be using the equipment knows the ins and outs of power test factor sets so they can get accurate results. 
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Doble M4100, 4th Gen 12 kV Power Factor (Tan ð) Tester

M4100 Diagnostic Capabilities •12 kV Power Factor/Tan-Delta capacitance testing to assess insulation condition & dielectric loss •High stress and high accuracy 10 kV TTR with the D ...
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Features of power factor test sets

The power factor test sets can measure the dielectric losses. This can help the user to understand whether there might be issues with dryness, wetness, or problems with the insulation deteriorating. They also help to test for voltage, current, power, power factor, capacitance, and dissipation factor. Tests can be performed in the factory and in the field, as there are a range of power factor test set options available today.

As you can see, these sets can be very helpful for those who are in the electrical field. However, you need to make sure you are choosing a quality power factor test set to get the job done right.

About power factor test sets

Many who are working in the electrical field will want to have a power factor test set on hand. These test sets are a great solution for those who need to perform an AC insulation diagnostic test for high voltage devices. 

Some examples of devices that would benefit from having this type of test include bushings, transformers, circuit breakers, rotating machinery, lightning arrestor, and cables.

Power Factor Test Set Manufacturers

There are a range of options when it comes to manufacturers for power factor test sets. Some of the choices you might want to consider when you are renting include Doble and Megger.

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