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Ohmmeter rentals

Considerations when renting a ohmmeter

The ohmmeter that you choose to rent or lease needs to be capable of providing you with quality, accurate results. Those who are design engineers, technicians, and electricians will want to find a unit that has a wealth of features, and that can provide them with highly accurate results.

In addition to considering whether you would like an analog or digital ohmmeter, there are plenty of other things you need to think about when buying. Consider the resistance range, how you will be using the product, and the size and portability of the device to make sure it is the right one for your needs.

There are ohmmeters on the market today that have many different features and options. Some might be able to take various types of measurements with different levels of resistance. You always want to make sure that you are choosing a device that will work for your specific needs. 

Features of ohmmeters

There are many different makes and models of ohmmeter on the market today. However, there are also different basic types of ohmmeter available. There are devices that are used to measure low resistance and extremely low resistance.

Today, there are both analog and digital ohmmeters available. They have the same function and both can measure the current, resistance, and voltage. The digital ohmmeters tend to be very accurate, and they are commonly used in various applications today. This type of device will use an electronic circuit and will “pass a constant current through the resistance while a separate circuit measures the voltage across the resistance”. The analog ohmmeters utilize a battery to apply the voltage to the resistance. 

How ohmmeters work

The micro-ohmmeter measures low resistance for contact and bonding applications. The milli-ohmmeters measure low resistance with high accuracy. There is also the megohmmeter, also known as an Insulation Resistance Tester. These are used to measure the electrical wiring insulation. It will measure the safety and resistance of that wiring.

About ohmmeters

An ohmmeter is an electrical instrument that is used for measuring electrical resistance, which is what causes opposition to an electrical current. They take the measurement in ohms, and were created by a physicist from Germany named Ohm.

Ohmmeter Manufacturers

Many companies today are manufacturing ohmmeters including Megger, Eldridge Product, Inc., Agilent Technologies, AMATEK, Automation Technologies, and Fluke Networks.

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