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Circuit Breaker Test Set rentals

Considerations when renting a circuit breaker test set
Keep in mind that there are many different makes and models available when it comes to circuit breakers test sets, so you will need to know what is right for your testing needs. You will want to check the input, make sure that the test set is fully compliant, and that it is capable of testing the circuit breakers that you need to test.

Some of the models are best suited for low-voltage options, for example. Others might be usable for high current applications. Check to see whether it is possible to program the output phase or any aspect of the testing set.

You should check to see what type of industry the item is best suited for. For example, some of the circuit breaker testers might work well for industrial use, utility use, and for testing service companies. Others might be better used in different areas.

One of the other things to consider when you are getting your circuit breakers test sets for rental is the size you need. There are some large units available, as well as smaller, portable units that might work better for your needs.
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Vanguard CT 8000-6 Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Microhmmeter

The CT-8000 is Vanguard’s fifth generation, stand-alone, microprocessor-driven EHV circuit-breaker analyzer. Model feature three digital travel transducer input channels. The CT-8000 can operate ...
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Megger CB-845

The CB-845 test set is a high-current circuit breaker test set consisting of a control unit that incorporates the latest in solid-state metering, control technology and a high-current output unit. ...
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Megger Circuit Breaker Tester

Fully compliant NEMA AB-4 circuit breaker test set. Capable of testing circuit breakers up to 6000 amperes continuous. Input: 480VAC, 50 or 60 HZ. Ideally suited for industrial, utility, and ...
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ETI Portable Circuit Breaker Test Set

Electrical Test Instruments PI-1600 » Portable circuit breaker test set. Rated 9.8 KVA continuous for testing up to 1600 amperes. 120 VAC (reduced output), 208-240 VAC (+/- 10% Swit ...
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ETI Circuit Breaker Test Set

Capable of testing circuit breakers up to 6000 amperes continuous. Input: 240VAC (reduced output) 480 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz. Tests low-voltage, molded-case, and metal-clad, direct acting AC circuit ...
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ETI PI-250 Portable High Current

Provides 250A continuous and 750A peak for testing circuit breakers, motor overload relays & ground fault trip devices. Multi-function, versatile, variable high current test set. It&rsquo ...
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Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Tester

Megger DDA-1600 » This test set has similar capabilities to the Megger DDA-6000, but it also includes these features: Portable, fully compliant NEMA AB-4 circuit breaker test set. Ca ...
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Megger Multi-Amp Circuit Breaker and Overload Relay Tester

Megger (formerly Multi-Amp) CB832 Multi-Amp Circuit Breaker and Overload Relay Tester Designed to test circuit breakers and overload relays by means of primary  injection current. Provides var ...
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How circuit breaker test sets work

Those who are familiar with electronics testing should not have any trouble using the circuit breakers test sets. It is important to make sure the users have some familiarity with these types of testing sets to make sure they are testing and recording the results properly. This will ensure safety and accuracy when using the test sets.

About circuit breaker test sets

One of the most important things to do with any electrical system is to test the circuit protection for overall safety. There are some quality circuit breaker tester sets that you can utilize as a means to help with this process. The goal of the sets it to make sure the circuit breakers are working properly, and they should be a part of any project or business that has circuit breakers. 

Circuit Breaker Test Set Manufacturers

Today, you will find a wealth of circuit breakers test sets available that could work for you. Some of the manufacturers that are making these sets include Vanguard, Megger, Phenix, and ETI. They have many options available, so find the one that will work for your needs.

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