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Features of cad/cam systems

CAD/CAM systems were developed first by CEREC, evolving into a line of machines with software capabilities that can handle just about any task. Systems are continuously being researched and changed to make the process easier for technicians. The software works in conjunction with the physical materials in order to form individual crowns and molds. Dental CAD systems use systems such as computer-numeric-control, dental fabrications, x-rays, zirconia molding, and fit accuracy plans. This helps ensure that each new mold fits the patient properly, and some technicians can input custom commands to achieve the same results each time.

How cad/cam systems work

Most CAD/CAM systems use materials such as zirconia, which has the appearance and mold of a natural tooth. They are formed from blocks and structured into a mold that will fit into the patient’s mouth. Other CAD/CAM machines can use a fusion of tooth material as well as synthetic material to create a more natural feel. Many technicians can create prototypes before sealing the deal, which helps them to learn how to better mold and shape the teeth. Some CAD/CAM systems have a button that will finish the product, all the way down to the waxing and molding. This reduces the amount of work needed by the individual technician, as these advanced machines can help to streamline the process and make more accurate molds each time. 

About cad/cam systems

CAD/CAM systems are put in place in modern dental offices to assist with the creation of physical products, as well as prototypes. The system operates successfully because it has a special software installed to help it do its work. In the dental office, these machines are often used to manufacture crowns, bridges, and other custom dental implants. They are an important part of dental economics, as they allow the dental manufacturer or even the dentist office itself to create crowns and bridges using their own devices. They function like a small computer, with the specialized software at the heart of all operations. Assistants and certified professionals can operate this software and input custom specifications, such as the shape, size, and mold of the patient’s tooth, to create ceramic implants that will replace the tooth in any cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedure.

CAD/CAM System Manufacturers

  • Planmeca
  • 3Shape
  • ISUS
  • UP3D Dental
  • Delcam
  • GO2dental
  • Renishaw
  • WorkNC Dental
  • Imes-icore

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