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Fast Fold Screen rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a fast fold screen
Many different sizes are available for the fast fold screens, and it is important that you consider the size you need when renting from a KWIPPED supplier. Those who are renting a screen for a small conference room would not need to have a large screen, whereas those who are presenting to a larger crowd at a conference will benefit from the bigger options out there. In addition, consider whether you want to have a front projection or a rear projection screen. Also, check to see whether it comes with the stand and legs needed, or if you will need to rent or lease those separately.
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Vivo 100 inch projector screen

100 inch tripod front projection screen ...
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Airscreen 20'x40' Inflatable

20x40 inflatable air screen Wind rated up to 24 mph ...
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Airscreen 16'9"x30' Inflatable

Most inflatable screens are soft, like a blow-up party ride or game. Every AIRSCREEN® AeroproTM inflatable movie screen is rock hard to the touch, and does not bend, flex or move in wind. The bene ...
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Airscreen 11.5'x20' Inflatable

Most inflatable screens are soft, like a blow-up party ride or game. Every AIRSCREEN® AeroproTM inflatable movie screen is rock hard to the touch, and does not bend, flex or move in wind. 11.5 ...
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Da-Lite 7'x12' Fast Fold Truss Front and Rear Projection Surfaces

Free Standing Tensioned HDTV Format Dual Vision Finish Front or Rear Projection Heavy Duty Legs With Black Anodized Frame ...
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Stumpfl 9'x16' Fast Fold

9'x16' Fast Fold Screen ...
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Da-Lite 12'x21' Fast Fold Truss Front and Rear Projection Surfaces

Product Highlights DA-Tex HC Finish Tensioned Rear Projection The legs are made from anodized aluminum and are etched and free from burrs. They are held together with piano hinges and assem ...
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AV Stumpfl Monoblox 32 16:9, 5.62' x 10' Screen with Dress Kit

Product Features:  FRAME - High precision extruded aluminum profiles and snap joints define the skeleton of the projection screen. The entire frame block unfolds and the snap joints lock ...
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AV Stumpfl 20’x 11’3” Fast Fold Projection Screen

Features: Small Packing Dimensions Lightweight Quick Set Up and Breakdown Long Lifetime Mobile ...
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6'x6' Tripod Screen

The 6ft tripod screen is ideal for small breakout rooms and for restaurants. Perfect for a small dinner meeting. ...
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Dalite Deluxe 9 x 16 Fastfold Screen Kit (Front & Rear Matt)

Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe combines simple, quick set up and portability with professional, clean appearance. All Heavy Duty Fast-Fold® Deluxe surfaces are interchangeable with Fast-Fol ...
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Dalite Deluxe 9 x 12 Drapery Presentation Kit

Fire retardant cotton velour drapery attaches with snaps to Fast-Fold® Deluxe screens and drapery hardware. Drapery is fully box pleated for a polished, professional appearance. The kit is ...
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Features of fast fold screens

fast fold screen rentalToday’s fast fold screens have a number of features that help to make them a top choice for presenters. They have large viewing surfaces, and they set up and take down in just minutes, as most have easy release latches. In addition, the screens tend to be very sturdy and dependable since they need to fold away. The durability, along with their compatible size makes them an ideal solution for many who need to travel for conferences and conventions, and who need to provide their own screen.

How fast fold screens work

fast fold screen rentalThe fast fold screen works very simply. It is a screen onto which you will project your images or video. The screen will need to be set a certain distance away from the projector, and this distance will vary based on the size of the screen. Most projectors will allow you to change the size of the image to match the screen with very little trouble.

About fast fold screens

In some cases, having a permanent screen installed is simply not a viable option for a presentation. In fact, this is the case many times. The fast fold screens are an excellent work around for this dilemma. They are nice and portable, and they will fit easily into a storage case when you finish using them. The fast fold screens are simple to set up and simple to take down when you are through with the presentation. They are an excellent choice for those who happen to do a lot of traveling. The images are nice and clear, just as one would expect from a permanent screen.

Fast Fold Screen Applications

  • Office Presentations and Powerpoints
  • Traveling
  • Meetings
  • Events

Fast Fold Screen Manufacturers

  • Draper
  • Da-Lite
  • Elite
  • Epson
  • Pyle

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