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Theodolite rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a theodolite
When you are renting a theodolite, you should choose a digital model. They are the most prevalent and the easiest to use. They also provide quality results. Consider all of the features and the measurements that the device is capable of handling, and choose the one that’s best for your needs.
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David White LT8-900P Transit-Level

Ruggedness and dependability make these five minute instruments the first choice for practically every horizontal and vertical sighting application in construction. Solid three-piece standa ...
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David White Sitepro DT05 Digital Theodolite

DT05 5-SEC DIGITAL THEODOLITE 26-DT05 Incremental encoding detection system with dual digital displays Automatic power shut-off Optical plummet for centering of point Coaxial tangent and cl ...
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David White DT8-05P 5

Simple, push button functions gives the user precise LCD digital readouts. Incremental encoding detection system with dual digital displays Automatic power shut-off Optical plummet for cente ...
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Nikon NE-103 Engineering Theodolite

Accurate, affordable, easy to use Ergonomic keypad One-touch function keys Large, backlit LCD display NE-100/101 models are water-resistant Waterproof Designed for general construction ...
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Features of theodolites

The theodolite is able to mount to a tripod, as with many other types of surveying equipment. The base features threading, so you should be able to mount it to just about any tripod with ease. The device features a telescope, which has a sight on top of it. This helps to align the target. It also has a focusing knob, and an objective lens. There are two main types of this device available – digital and non-digital. The non-digital options are still available in some locations, but they are not in use nearly as much today. The digital option is simpler and easier to use, and you can trust in the results.

How theodolites work

The tool is quite complex and works by using plumb bobs, a bubble level, and graduated circles as a means to find the right horizontal and vertical angles while performing a surveying project. You will be able to mount the device to a base to keep it stable while you are using it, and it has a number of controls so you can get highly accurate readings. Using this device can offer some nice benefits when compared with other types of leveling devices. Not only is it more accurate, it can offer up electronic readings. You can zero horizontal circles, or set them to any value you need. It is faster and more efficient, making it a great choice.

About theodolites

A theodolite is a tool used to measure angles in both the horizontal and vertical planes. While these are most commonly used in the field of surveying, they have been useful in other areas down through the years as well. They’ve been helpful in meteorology and even helping with rocket launches. They can make it much easier to lay out a building and to make sure that all of the lines, corners, and angles are perfect. The instruments tend to be very accurate.

Theodolite Applications

  • Surveying
  • Meteorology
  • Rocket launches
  • Navigating
  • Construction

Theodolite Manufacturers

  • Johnson
  • L&T Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd.

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