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Chiller rentals

Considerations when renting a chiller

When you need to rent or lease a chiller, take the time to look at the two main types that are available and determine which will be the best solution for your particular company and needs. In addition, think about the size of the unit you need. Most of the time the chiller for a regular AC application will be rated between 15 and 150 short tons. When choosing a chiller, you also have to think about the power source, the cooling capacity and evaporator capacity, the noise level, and the amount of time it takes to start cooling properly.

Features of chillers

chillers rentalThe features of a chiller will vary based on the type of unit you have. A vapor compression chiller has a compressor, evaporator, condenser, and metering device. An absorption chiller will use a heat source instead of a compressor, and they use two fluids, including a refrigerant and an absorbent. They will both provide the same end result – cooler air or cooled equipment. They simply have slightly different components to achieve the same task. Some may have additional features such as emergency alarms and casters for easier movement.

How chillers work

Both of the techniques rely on the same principles. First, the liquid is heated and it vaporizes into a gas. Then, it cools and condenses into a liquid. By lowering the pressure above the liquid, it lowers the boiling point. If the pressure is raised, it raises the boiling point. It then makes it possible to chill the air, because of the way the heat flows in the system. most of the time, when used in an HVAC system, the water that is cooler goes into coils or heat exchangers in air handling units. The coils transfer the heat from the air to the water, and this can help to cool and dehumidify the air stream.

About chillers

A chiller is a type of machine that will remove heat from a liquid through one of two different techniques – vapor compression or an absorption refrigeration cycle. The liquid can then pass through a heat exchanger, which makes it possible to cool air or to cool equipment.

Chiller Applications

  • Keeping air cool
  • Keeping machines and equipment cool
  • Server rooms
  • Laboratories

Chiller Manufacturers

  • Trane
  • Redi Controls
  • BluChill
  • ClimaCool Corp.
  • Aqua Products
  • Sterling Chillers
  • York

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