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Considerations when renting or leasing a specular miscroscope
Specular microscopes use a special device to touch either the cornea or the front of the eye, in order to measure the way the corneal endothelial cells are structured. Specular microscopes features a very bright light, often in the form of a mirror or an image. It is equipped with a high-speed camera, that often has a powerful magnification ability. Since the process is typically quick and painless, the device works in real time to capture images that can help the examiner decide whether or not the cornea is receiving proper nourishment from the endothelial cells.

Specular microscopes come in either an automatic, semi-automatic, or manual capture mode. It usually depends on what is easiest for the examiner and the type of exam being performed. This device runs on a decent level of voltage, promising power that can help the examiner stay focused without having to worry.
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How specular miscroscopes work

Specular microscopes were designed to be a non-invasive way to measure small layers of cells underneath the cornea. The machine uses a computerized control panel to measure the cells through a system of morphometry. These microscopes use light and a fast-acting camera to measure the shape, size, and amount of endothelial cells. By projecting light on specific areas of the cornea, the right angle will reflect the light back and create an image that can be captured by the camera. Many liken it to what it looks like to peer through the bottom of a drinking glass, with a small fish-eye field of vision. The result of a specular microscopes test usually comes in the form of a photomicrograph, which is like a small black and white image of the cells. The examiner will be able to look at the cells this way with the naked eye to more easily identify if there is a problem.

About specular miscroscopes

There are several different types of circumstances that can affect the way the cornea is sustained. If there is an issue with the corneal endothelium, a specular microscope is necessary to diagnose these issues. Significant patterns in cells can lead to loss of vision or edema. This is one of the most important devices for the overall health and functionality of the eyes, specifically the cornea. 

Specular Miscroscope Manufacturers

  • Bon Optic
  • CSO
  • HAI Laboratories
  • Konan Medical USA
  • Tianjin Suowei Electric Technology

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