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Considerations when renting or leasing a stretcher
If you need to rent or lease a stretcher, consider all of the different types and options available. There are simple stretchers for the aforementioned search and rescue operations, as well as high quality, durable stretchers used in hospitals and ambulances across the country. When placing your request for quotes from the KWIPPED supplier network, choose the style that will fit the best with your needs.
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Stryker Renaissance Series Stretcher with IV Pole

3" (8 cm) Enhanced Comfort Mattress 8" (20 cm) Omni Surface™ casters with wheel covers 26" (66 cm) or 29" (74 cm) wide patient surface Dual cylinder pneumatic backre ...
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KCI Barri Max 2

KCI BariMaxx II Pressure Relief Therapy Bed - BariMaxx™ II  Pressure Relief Therapy System: A bed system for mobile obese patients. The BariMaxx II  Pressure Relief Therapy bed offers ...
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Stryker Secure 3002-R

The Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed is a versatile Medical and Surgical bed that features open architecture with intermediate side rails and low bed height, a retractable bed frame that keeps patients ...
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Hill-Rom Affinity III

Hill-Rom Affinity III Birthing Hospital Bed - The Affinity ® III Birthing Bed builds upon Hill-Rom’s long-standing success of its premier Affinity ® Birthing Bed line and improves hospit ...
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Stryker Renaissance 1001

Stryker 1710 Renaissance Stretcher is a fully-featured stretcher for treatment, transport and transfer. Standard fifth-wheel steering. It comes in 29′ patient surface. FEATURES Dual pedesta ...
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Hill-Rom Advanta Bed

The Advanta™ 2 Med Surg Bed offers improved ease of use through innovation and proven performance. Designed to help caregivers accomplish their goals, the Advanta 2 Med Surg Bed provides patient ...
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Product Summary The LS9500 Turn-Style system incorporates the functions of lateral rotation and low air loss in one unit The user friendly high flow control unit offers 10 comfort levels, adju ...
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THE BIODEX 240-110 MRI FOWLER BACK STRETCHER The 240-110 MRI Fowler Back Stretcher from Biodex ...
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THE BIODEX 240-100 MRI STRETCHER The 240-100 MRI Stretcher from Biodex ...
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THE AMICO S-H-300 SH-300 EDUCATIONAL FACILITY STRETCHER FROM AMICO Features: Centrally controlled brake system Collapsible side rails Dual side foot pedals Retractable 5th wheel steering ...
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Amico B-AM1-4002-120 MedSurg Bed- Apollo MS with Single-Bed Exit Alarm & Scale

THE AMICO MEDSURG BED- APOLLO MS Standard Features: Central locking brake mechanism Modular Battery Backup Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg Patient controls in inner siderails 55 ...
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Amico B-AM1-4000-120 MedSurg Bed- Apollo MS

THE AMICO MEDSURG BED- APOLLO MS Standard Features: Central locking brake mechanism Modular Battery Backup Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg Patient controls in inner siderails 55 ...
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Features of stretchers

The features of a stretcher are similar no matter the brand or style. They will all typically have some type of restraint device, such as a lock and belt to ensure the patient does not fall off of it. There are many different variations when it comes to stretchers. There are some that will fold, and others that are able to change height and detach from their wheeled base. Some even have battery-powered hydraulics so they can raise or lower. Some, such as those used in many search and rescue operations and litters in the military will not have wheels. They will need to be carried, or in some cases, attached to helicopters for airlifting.

How stretchers work

stretcher rentalThe stretcher works very simply. It has an area where the injured party lays, along with a strap to keep them in place. The stretcher is an easier mode of transport to take the person to the ambulance or to other medical care, for example. Often, the stretchers will have wheels attached to them that make maneuvering easy. Other times, they do not have wheels and rely on people carrying the stretcher. There will typically be one person on each end of the stretcher.

About stretchers

A stretcher is a type of an apparatus used to move patients from one location to another. They are common in hospitals, in the military, and in EMS and rescue situations. Some of the other names for stretchers include gurneys, litters, and trolleys. They have gone by other names as well, and they have been a part of the medical field for countless years. They are in use all around the world, and they are one of the medical devices and tools that will be around for a long time to come.

Stretcher Applications

  • Acute out-of-hospital Procedures
  • EMS
  • Military
  • Search and Rescue
  • Lethal Injections (Prison)

Stretcher Manufacturers

  • Meber
  • Thermo Scientific
  • Spencer
  • Funeralia
  • Pelican
  • Kugel Medical
  • Shor-Line
  • Samarit
  • Kenmak

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